Dec. 14th, 2009 11:35 am
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The TSO concert this year was A. Maz. Ing. No joke.

They have a new light show, which was absolutely fascinating, although I'm a little afraid of nutcrackers now. During the Mad Russian song, they showed images of a marching army of nutcrackers on these giant LED screens. It was a little scary.

Aside from that, the show blew me away once again. They started off with Night Enchanted, and it was fantastic. The first half of the show was much the same as it has always been, but they changed up the second half to include stuff from Night Castle.

I really like part of the chorus from the song called "Believe":

Don't turn away
Just take my hand
And when you make your final stand

I'll be right there
I'll never leave
And all I ask of you

The Sooper Sekrit Special Guest was Joe Walsh, as I've mentioned. Dude is still singing his songs in the original key! He did "Life's Been Good" and another song I can't remember the name of.

So far I've seen TSO with the following special guests:

Joan Jett
Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Roger Daltrey
Steven Tyler
Joe Walsh

Good times!
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Who DO you get to follow Steven Tyler as your very special guest?

Joe Walsh of the Eagles.


(Full post tomorrow. Now, snuggles!)
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-I made buttermilk biscuits with half bacon fat & half butter Saturday night. They came out quite tasty, but not terribly bacon-y. I think next time, I'll do full bacon fat along with bacon crumbles. Probably not any time soon, as the next batch I make will most likely be for Thanksgiving.

-My biscuits were square, as the biscuit cutter I once had decided to rust. I tried to find a new one at the mall yesterday, but was unsuccessful. Mind you, I could have gotten a set of five different sizes for sixteen dollars at Williams Sonoma, but who needs five different sized biscuit cutters? Unless I can make it down to Le Gourmet Chef before next Thursday, I may have to resort to using a can with both ends cut out. Or just make square ones again. Or maybe triangles, like I do with scones! Hmmm...::ponders::

-I did manage to get a pretty sweet roast pan at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It can hold up to a thirty pound turkey, is non-stick, came with a "V" rack, and cost me less than twenty bucks! Sthcore!

-I also found a pair of shoes to wear to the wedding I'm in next April. They're very cute, but I'm not 100% sold on them yet. I figured it would be better to pick them up right then rather than wait. They're returnable for a full refund within thirty days, and for store credit after that. Apparently, it's nigh-on impossible to find inexpensive, dressy, low heels that aren't ugly.

-I successfully finished watching the final season of Fraggle Rock without bawling like a baby.

-The TSO concert is less than a month away, and I am very excited!
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Cannot. Wait.
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Nightcastle has a listing on Amazon.

There isn't a release date listed that I can find, but it's there. I've signed up to be notified once it becomes available.

Somebody PLEASE tell me this means it's coming out soon!
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I want to listen to this in my car on the way to faire this summer. Please?


Dec. 16th, 2007 01:30 pm
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Last night, I was totally in the same fucking room as fucking Roger Daltry.

It was fucking aweome!


Sep. 21st, 2007 10:46 am
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December 15th, 8PM. Tickets have been purchased. I am so excited!

New Phone!

Jan. 4th, 2006 09:53 pm
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I HAVE TSO RINGTONES!!!! Eeeeeeeeee! ::runs around like a maniac:: ::falls over::
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And so the countdown has begun! Many thanks to those of you who offered your congratulations. If you've been jonesin' to come visit me at work, you have until January 1st, which is my last day EVER in retail. With any luck, that is.

I gave my two weeks notice to Manager R. on Saturday. She made the pouty face at me, but she understands why I have to leave. Everyone else has been very happy for me. Assistant manager S. has not said a single word to me about it. I will laugh my ass off if she puts me on the schedule after I'm gone.

Other than that, I haven't touched a computer in...at least two days, I think. F-list skip=100, and I barely skimmed some of it. If something of the utmost importance has occurred, let me know, because I probably missed it.

Monday night, I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert. Oh. My. GOD! I've never been to a concert before. I must say, this was an EXCELLENT first concert to go to.

The music was, of course, amazing. The show was phenomenal! There were lazer lights, and snow, and a twinkle net, and lazer lights THROUGH snow, and it was just so astounding that I almost cried with joy. I dropped a hundred bucks at the souvenier stand, but it was so worth it. I bought a super cool hour glass, and a SIGNED poster (anyone know where I can get a 22x37 frame for cheap?) and a t-shirt for [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop (who is still the bestest best boyfriend evar). Mommy bought me a spiffy light up guitar pin. I wanted a TSO hoodie, but they only had them for toddlers. I may be small, but I'm not THAT small.

Anyway, they played almost all of Christmas Attic, which is my favorite album of theirs, AND they played a track off of their soon to be released new album. That track happened to be "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana. Holy. Shit. Right before they played that, the front man told everyone in the audience to take out their cell phones and wave them while they played. It was hot. I NEED that CD the instant it's available for purchase. I'll pre-order if I must.

Anyway, they said that they had a big surprise for us at the end. JOAN JETT WAS A SPECIAL GUEST STAR! She came out, and played "I love Rock & Roll" with TSO, then they did an encore of "Carol of the Bells" and the two lead guitarists came out into the audience, and got on a hydraulic lift, and went up in the air.

There were the most amazing pyrotechnics I have ever seen. Blue flames, and yellow ones, and green ones, and pure red ones, and puffs of fire that I thought were going to set the lighting rigs on fire. All you theater techies out there, ask me about the lighting rig sometime.

Wow. Just...wow. I'm totally going again next year, come hell or high water.

I probably won't be around again before the holidays, so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Yule, and Have a Nice Day (for all the atheists in the audience.) Hope everyone has a safe and joyful week.

Come to think of it, has anyone gotten my holiday cards in the mail yet? My post office can be widgy sometimes, and I'd like to know if I have to go yell at someone.

In closing, I'd like to quote Animal:
"Peace on Earth, GIMME PRESENTS!"


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