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E-mail me at Spookie14@aol.com I want to RP what you missed last night through e-mail. Bwahahahahahaha...
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I have just been informed that I do not have a car for Wednesday. Fun and games. Not only that, but I have yet to find the time/energy to finish creating my character, and it looks like I won't before gaming.

So yeah, I'm probably not going to be able to play this week. Many apologies to those involoved. I hope someone can go fetch NPG & Sarah.

This. Sucks.
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This has been a great couple of days!
It all started Sunday, when Rich, M!ke and I went to the RenFaire in CT. I told them to be at my house a little before nine thirty AM. My dad went to leave for work at nine, and discovered them playing with swords in the driveway. It turns out that M!ke had been there since eight AM, but hadn't bothered to knock or anything.

So we finally got on our way, and we managed to not get hopelessly lost on our way there. We finally arrived, and it was great! Saw a few old friends and made lots of new ones. I have now joined the Ship of Wyrd, as Summer "Bubbles" Rose the Bard. Yayness! I'm willing to bet that by the time NYRF starts, a certain Wyrd Cousin will have everyone calling me Bubbles full time.

Because of my joining the ship, I now have two little sisters, both of whom are physically larger than me, of course. Wynter and Autumn. Yay!

I bought a dagger, who I have dubbed Moon Chaser. I'm hoping to have the sheath engraved at some point.

The faire was a blast, but the trip to Friendly's afterwards was just as good. There's no way to explain any of this, but I'll give you some quotes:
"I'm pregnant!"-M!ke, after drinking out of the magical straw.
"The cherries are tingly!" Rich (don't ask.)
"You look like the back wall of a carnival stand!" Rich
"You my baby momma!" M!ke, after establishing that it was me, not Snowball.
"We don't run around waving dildos yelling "Toga! Toga!" Autumn, in reference to stupid people not knowing anything about Faire.
"It's hard to pee in chainmail." M!ke
"Can we have crayons?" Us
"How does it feel to find out you have a uterus?" Autumn, in reference to the first quote.
"You can't get pregnant from tampons!" Me, but I don't remember why.
There was some mention of eating either babies or virgins, and pork flavored ice cream, but that's inappropriate.

After that, M!ke, Rich and I all went back to my house. I packed, M!ke left,and Rich and I were off to New Paltz for the night!

Monday was fun. We went to get yummy coffe, and we went shopping. I got tattoo markers at the art store. Rich bought me a couple of helpful little sparkly rocks at the Awareness shop. (I successfully resisited the prosperity stone of DOOM! Yay me!) We got some lunch, then went back to the house to play with swords. I got to meet the puppy! We watched TV. Then, the storm started.

I haven't danced in a good thunderstorm in a loooooong while. This one. Was. Amazing. I felt soooooo good afterwards. I was slightly disappointed that the electricity didn't go out, though.

After Mother Nature got finished venting, we drove me home. I collapsed, and then Tuesday happened...

Had an interview at the New School Tuesday. It went really well, except for the minor interruption of a FIRE DRILL! That was amusing. :) I should know if I got in in about two weeks. As we left the building, the deluge started again.

Getting home took forever because of the giant accident on the West Side Highway. But I'm patient, so it's ok.

Rich hung around for a while, then I went to sleep, which leads us to...

Wednesday gaming! Woot! Great game, except for the turncoats. I bite you all! M!ke was there, and it was nice, and the world did not end. Went to Friday's afterwards, then drove the Evil Twins home. Went back to Mer's to fetch VW, who stayed at my house last night.

And now we have today. Snowball didn't realize VW was here until he got up this morning, which was pretty funny. But the best part about today happened slightly before that.
I got up. I checked my e-mail, and discovered....
MY SWORD HAS FINALLY SHIPPED! WAHOO! AND A BARREL FULL OF MONKEYS! ::Happy Leslie Dance:: It'll be here in less than a week, barring any disasters. I'm so excited I could burst!

Well, that's about it for the most amazing four days I've had in a long time. Now I must shower and go to work and such.

(PS-Rich, I'm being good. I swear. ::Evil grin::)

Have a lovely day!
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It's been a crazy couple of days, let me tell you...
Got up early on Wenesday to say goodbye to Steven, who left for Australia. Managed to get my stuff together for D&D without forgetting anything except the chess pieces, and went to Numina's house with Rich to play D&D. Had a talk with the player ranted about here. I told him that any other DM would've kicked him out for pulling that crap, and that it was just silly, and that he shouldn't do it again, and he behaved himself. The game was great, we took a break for Chinese food (yum!), then played some more. Eventually we stopped, and we ended up going to Dunkin' Donuts. I went in Mike's car, and he let me ride with my head out the window. :)
We were there until something like one thirty, two in the morning, getting nasty looks from the workers. Then we left, went back to Numina's, talked in the driveway a bit, and then Rich and I went back to my house. He crashed here instead of driving back to NP. We watched TV/hung out for a bit, and I finally went to bed at five AM.
Woke up, for some ungodly reason that I still cannot fathom, at noon. I didn't have to work until six, and wasn't planning to get up until three thirty. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I went downstairs. Rich and I had S'mores Poptarts for breakfast, and watched more TV. I finally kicked him out at three, took a shower, ate dinner, and went to work.
Work was a little crazy. We kept running out of silverware. I almost got in trouble for seating tables without it, but they realized it wasn't my fault, so it was all good. Rich and Andrew kept stopping by, and they kept me thoroughly entertained.
I got off a little after 11, and went to Fridays with the guys for a soda. Then we wandered around for a bit, and ended up playing shopping cart demolition derby in the parking lot. It was the most fun I've had in AGES! Got home around two, passed out, and didn't wake up till noon today. I don't have work till noon tomorrow, and it's all good.

And now, for my amusement of the day:
Isn't this GREAT?
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That's right everybody! You are reading the journal of the newest hostess at Outback Steakhouse in the Palisades Center! Yay for getting paid to do something!

In other news...
We played D&D yesterday, and it was ever so fun! I finally got to meet NPG, and he's cool, and Mike's cool, and everyone is cool, except for one person, who shall be referred to as "X". (Those of you who were there know who X is, obviously, but I feel the need to maintain X's anonymity.)
X has been giving me problems about D&D ever since I said I was going to start a game. X wanted to play this crazily over powered multi-class character. I said no, because it was crazily over-powered and half of our group had never played before, and I didn't want to confuse them. X proceeded to argue about it with me. I explained precisely why the character could not be used in this campaign, but X still wouldn't drop it. Eventually X rolled up another character, but was still whining about not being allowed to play the "munchkin."
Then, X tried to take "Profession: Locksmith" as a skill so that the character could pick locks, and "Craft: Trapmaking" in order to be able to locate and disarm traps. I explained to X precisely how this logic was flawed, but X still wanted to argue. It took two other people to finally knock the fact that this plan would not work into X's head.
So X finally decided that the character would be the town blacksmith. OK. Fine. The class is fighter, but between adventures, money is made by blacksmithing.
So now it's game day. The premise is, the PC's have been hearing rumors about a vampire in town. All of the adventurer types hang out at a certain inn, so that's where they go for news. It's 9PM on a Thursday night.
Me: "Describe your characters."
X: "I'm leaving."
Me: "Why?"
X: "It's late. I have work tomorrow."
Me: "A good customer of yours comes up to you. 'Join us in hunting the vampire! They usually have lots of treasure.'"
So X joined the rest of the group. X stayed behind when they went to investigate something, therefore missing the battle with Owlbears.
After the battle, everyone went to bed. X went back to the shop to sleep. It was agreed that in the morning, everyone would meet at the inn for breakfast and discussion. Morning comes, X's char isn't there. "It's Friday. I have to work." At this point, I was fed up. "Fine, if you don't want to play, you don't have to." X pouted in the other room for a good hour. The other PC's tried to get the char in, but X refused, saying "There was a million ways she could have gotten me in." The char finally came in when the townspeople started running past the shop away from the colossal skeleton.
I did the right thing as a DM, right? Has anyone got any suggestions? Comments? Stories?

Otherwise, the game was fantastic. :)
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I'm really close to finishing what would be a really kick ass campaign, but I can't think, because that stupid yappy thing across the street won't shut up! Perhaps I should just lock myself in my room, light some candles, and ponder.

This mental block is pissing me off!
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So yesterday was Kids Day at RenFaire. Yay. I spent the day selling roses to EIGHT THOUSAND children. It was ok though, because I made nearly sixty bucks and got to see quite a few of my friends from last year. Some of the little brats tried to steal roses from my basket, and some of them tried to convince me that I was supposed to be charging two dollars instead of three, but over all they were fairly well behaved.

At the beginning of the day, Heathyre and I were assigned to go find a functioning hose, fill the two five gallon buckets with water, and bring them back. We had to go almost all the way to the other end of the fairegrounds to find a functioning hose. Then, as we were lugging the very heavy buckets across the muddy ground, this girl randomly appeared and offered to help us. She then proceeded to lift both of the buckets like they weighed nothing! It was quite odd, but it meant I didn't have to carry a sloshy bucket, so yay!

Went to play pool with Billy, Nick, and Howard. The first thing that Howard did when he saw me was to pick me up and yell "Nick, catch!" Will they never get tired of that?? Anyway, we ended up going to the diner with my D&D books and discussing the game. Looks like I'm going to be leading another adventure fairly soon. Anyone who wants to play, drop me a line and let me know.

I think I'm going to go veg out now.
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Sunday night was fairly awesome. My Treats went over famously; they were devoured before Frank even got there. So were the Coffee and Cream Oreos I didn't want taunting me in my room anymore. The game itself was great fun as well. However...
Tim promised me we'd be done by two. That meant home by three, asleep by three thirty at the latest, and alive for my voice lesson by noon. Of course, things never happen as planned. The game didn't get done until after three, the subways were being sporadic, so I didn't get to go to sleep until after four. Joy. Luckily I got to take a nice long nap after my voice lesson, so it's all good. Also, my lesson has been pushed back an hour from now on, so staying out late won't be quite so bad. :)
Rehearsals for showcase are going swimmingly. Scene-partner-Andrew and I are getting along fantastically, and they're letting us do the really cute ending to the scene, instead of cutting it off before hand.
Speaking of showcase...
If anyone has any interest in seeing it, it's March 14-16, in NYC's Upper West Side. (Precisely where is going to depend on whether or not the new building my school is working on will be done by then.) I believe there are three 8:30 PM performances, and one 6:30, but I'm not sure. I have a VERY limited number of tickets, so if you are willing and able to attend, let me know ASAP. This is my first public performance in two years, so I'm very excited. It's going to be great. :)
One more small item...
On Tuesday Patti and I went to the park with Ricky so that he could take headshots of us. (He's trying to start a photography business at AMDA.) It was fun, and I think we may have gotten some great shots, but it was frickin' cold man! Afterwards we had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows in Patti's room. Yay!
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It's that time again! That's right everyone, it's laundry time! Joy! I plan on staying up late to finish folding it, so I won't have to do it tomorrow.
Went to the mall today to get some new sunglasses. My favorite pair got stepped on and broken, so I needed new ones. They're pretty.
We're playing again at Tim's tomorrow night, so I made Cocoa Krispie Treats as my contribution to the junk food supply for the evening. They turned out very nicely. (Hopefully this'll make up for the first time I attempted to make Treats for a game. Let's just say it was a disaster and leave it at that.) I should probably put them out of Snowball's reach. She was showing a little too much interest in them before...
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This is a true story. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.
The D&D gang at school hasn't played together for almost a year, ever since Josie left. There have been a few futile attempts, but nothing has really happened. Until Thursday night.
Finally, FINALLY, all of our schedules meshed, and we played! All of us were there: Tim, Shane, Frank, Schuyler, and I. (Steve was there, too, but he's not part of the D&D gang.) It wasn't D&D, it was this werewolf RPG called "Werewolf: The Apocalypse," but it was still fun. Tim DM'd. He let me play a schizo char, which I just love doing. :)
We played at Tim & Shane's place on the east side. There was junkfood galore. Tim made brownies, I brought the caffeinated goodness of Coca Cola Classic. Let's just say I was very happy. :)
The game was really good in my opinion. It took place in NYC and Canada (don't ask.) Tim let Schuyler play a Were-foussa (sp?), which was very interesting.
So anyway, to make a REALLY long story short, we played all night. When we left, it was snowing and pretty, and I was highly caffeinated and running mainly on adrenaline. We got home at about 7:30, and it felt so good.
YAAAY! We're PLAYING again!
(More about the game later...I'm sleepy.)


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