Oct. 28th, 2009 10:31 am
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This is the first time in a long, long time that I haven't been excited for Halloween. I didn't have the time and resources to get my costume made. Our Funkin* is sitting on the dining table, un-carved. Rich is going to be working most of the day and into the night on Saturday; I don't feel like traveling terribly far on my own, so I probably won't go to any of the parties to which I have been invited.

We don't get any trick-or-treaters, so there's no candy in my house. I shall have to pilfer from my parents before they run out. (Translation: before Dad finishes it all.)

Maybe I'll go take some photos in the cemetery if it's nice enough out. I haven't done that in a few months, and it's appropriate for the holiday, no?

The post-Halloween holidays, on the other hand, I am stupid-excited about. Even though Thanksgiving in my family is traditionally held at my parents' house, and our apartment is way too teeny to host the event, I'm looking at festive table linens rather wistfully. (Hm. The one that would fit my table is only fifteen dollars. I just got a five dollar coupon, too...)

I have Plans for the biscuits this year, even though my mother nixed my bacon-biscuit idea. (Perhaps I shall do half plain and half bacon? I think this may be an excuse to perform some experiments. Delicious, delicious experiments!) I'll get to break out my super-nifty potato peeling device, as well.

Then there's Christmas. Cannot. Wait. I've already got a pretty decent wishlist going, (I like to put a lot of stuff on my wishlist, so that I may still be surprised when gift-opening occurs. If there were only one or two things on it I would know what I was getting before I opened any of the packages, and that would not be fun!) and have been harassing my family members to provide me with theirs. Mom wants a TV; Dad is usually the most difficult, but I have a bit of a plan for him. That leaves Steve. He tends to buy himself a lot of stuff, which limits my gift-giving options.

I'm going to pull out our decorations the minute Thanksgiving is over, and start getting the apartment in holiday-mode. (Unless, of course, we end up moving. Or something.) The lights, the garland, the scented candles, the festive table linens, the holiday movies...

I guess Halloween just seems sort of inconsequential when compared to the feelings that the other holidays elicit. Not that it's not fun, but I'm just more in the mood for that homey feeling these days.

This may have a lot to do with my desire to start shopping for a house to buy. To me, and I think to many people, the holidays mean home. We already know that our little apartment won't be "home" for too much longer. If we can get a mortgage, we'll be buying a house, most likely on the other side of the Hudson. If that doesn't happen, we'll probably move anyway when our landlord raises our rent. For what we'd be paying if that happened, we could get a much nicer, bigger place. (Preferably with a dishwasher and laundry facilities. A girl can hope!)

Part of the problem is that I get bored at work, and start looking at real estate listings online. I keep seeing adorable little houses that we could totally afford! In fact, according to the little calculators on the real estate websites, (which may or may not be accurate,) the mortgage payments on some of those homes would be less than what we are paying in rent right now!

Methinks I must learn some patience. It will happen soon, just not necessarily as soon as I would like.

Also, I really really REALLY want a LensBaby. They just released a fisheye optic! How freaking cool is that??

In short: I'm really sort of "meh" when it comes to Halloween this year, but I want the rest of the holidays to get here, darn it!

*A Funkin is a carvable fake pumpkin. We got it for two reasons: 1. I kept hearing about pumpkin shortages due to fungus, and 2. we don't have an appropriate porch to store a Jack O'Lantern on, so last year we put it on our table. It went moldy and gooed all over the place. It was gross.
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Mommy and I have plans to go into the city on Saturday so that we may visit a LUSH store. I am so very excited!

Have any of you been to more than one? Which is your favorite? I've only been to the one in Union Square, so I have no idea if any of the others are any better or worse.
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Two days until Valentine's Day. (All of Rich's presents *should* be in my posession by tonight.)

Three days until all of the chocolate goes on sale.

Eight days until Mommy's birthday. (Still have to shop for that. I know what I'm getting her, though.)

Eleven days until L. A. VACATION! We're definitely renting a car. Many thanks to everyone who posted advice about that. We're going to do Disneyland, and the Erotic Museum of Hollywood, but probably not on the same day. We're going to go to the beach, and drive down Sunset Boulevard, and so much more! I am SO VERY EXCITED, I could just about burst!

I have so much to do before we go. I have to investigate car rental deals further; I'd like to rent from Hertz and get a GPS system, but I don't want to pay three hundred bucks for the week. I still need to get my suitcase out of the attic so it can air out before I have to pack. Theoretically, I can decide what I'm packing in advance and pull it out of my closet. I think I'm going to bring my custom Chinese dress, for when we take Tasha and Ben out to dinner someplace nice for putting up with us for the week.

This week I'm going to go to Target and pick up a bunch of travel toiletries. Sunblock! I have to pick up sunblock, too. And sunglasses, since I'm bored with all of mine.

OH MY GAWD I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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but loves my mother.

I get home, it's logged in to Rich's desktop. I log out, and try to switch into mine. It tells me no. Twice. I restart.

Now I have no network.

Do that little "repair" thing.

No work.

Call Mom.

Mom does the "repair" thing.

It works!

I sit down.

No internet.

Mom comes back.

Internet works!

I sit down.

No internet!

Mom sits down.

Internet works!


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Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. I got her a heat-proof rubber spatula!

(And a Barnes & Noble gift card. But the spatula's the good part!)
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My mother is going to a teacher conference out of state for three days. Watch, my father is going to have a massive coronary while she's out of town. Just watch.

Dear Mom,

Nov. 19th, 2004 07:15 pm
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That was really neat disappearing trick you did with my Yuengling. I'd like my beer back now, please.

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My mother downloaded a screensaver of a Thanksgiving turkey dancing to "In the Mood." I'm scared.

Good news!

Oct. 18th, 2003 01:17 pm
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I called my orthapedic surgeon. He's very shocked that the insurance company won't let me see Jeff, the first physical therapist, and he agrees that the one I've been seeing isn't doing things right. Now, I didn't actually get to speak to him, but Mom relayed the message to me. I get to call him on Monday, Mom get's to call my PCP and the insurance company, and if it all works out, the orthapedic surgeon will be able to convince the insurance company to let me see Jeff, and all will be right with the world.

In other news, it seems that my mother was just taking random stress out on me. I'm still worried that she's not sleeping over this stuff though. I have a plan that I am going to propose to her that may help her sleep bettter when I'm out of the house. Usually I'm with Rich when I'm not home. So when I leave him to go home (by myself), my plan is for me to call him when I get home. That way, if he doesn't get the phone call, he knows something's wrong, and can call my house. The result of this plan is that Mom can stop worrying about me crashing my car into a ditch and not being able to call home. Now I just have to tell her about it.


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