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I hate snow, hills, and oil heat.

On Saturday, I *tried* to make it to the Halloween party I was supposed to go to. There was no snow on the ground when I left my house. By the time I made it to the parkway, not ten miles away, the road was basically impassable. Two and a half hours later, I made it home. Had it not been for some very kind off-duty firemen who pushed me up a big-ass hill, I wouldn't have gotten there. The trip was harrowing, to say the least. I swear to god, my next car will be a Subaru.

Upon arriving home, I discovered that we had no electricity. Since our fireplace isn't up and running yet, no electric means no heat. I called the NYSEG emergency line, and the message said we'd have our electric back by nine PM. Rich wasn't home yet, so I kept myself busy putting away some laundry until he arrived home safely.

Once he got home, I poured myself a nice stiff drink, and we settled in under some blankets to wait for the electricity to come back on. Dinner was Munchkins, (which I had planned to bring to the party,) crackers, and a little cheese. Eventually, we decided it would be a good plan to pile blankets on the bed and read The Hobbit to each other until the electricity came back on. Nine o'clock came and went; still, we had no power. I called the emergency line again, and they no longer had an estimate as to when we'd be back up and running.

We spent the night under two comforters and an afghan, listening to the sound of branches cracking and falling.

We woke early in the morning, and NYSEG still didn't know when we'd have power back. I called my mother, and established that as soon as it was warm enough out to drive, we'd head to her house with a crash bag, lest we should have to stay the night.

After lazing in bed for a while longer, we packed up our necessities, and assessed the situation. The only damage to our property seems to be half a tree down in the back yard. We'll know more once the snow melts a bit.

We managed to get on our way with a minimum amount of physical labor. I needed to put gas in my car BADLY, but all of the gas stations in our immediate area were either without power or gasoline. Fortunately I had enough to make it to Tarrytown, where we stopped for coffee, lunch, and a smidge of shopping. The weather was quite lovely, and the area had not been hit nearly as hard by the storm as we were.

The remainder of the trip to my parents' was uneventful. Rich stopped off to visit with a friend, and I joined him after dropping our stuff off. Got lots of cute pictures of the Bailey-puppy.

Mom and Dad took us out to dinner, and I finally got the stuffed shells I've been craving.

We slept on an air mattress in my old room. I'm cranky about the air mattress, but extremely grateful for the heat.

As of this writing, NYSEG still has no estimate as to when we'll have power. I'm incredibly annoyed by this. Can't you at least say something like, "Wednesday evening at the latest," or "No sooner than Thursday afternoon?" At least then I'd know how many pairs of clean socks we'll need.

After work (which promises to be uneventful, as my boss is also without power at his home, and is currently in Danbury,) I'm going to the house to switch out clothes and check things out.

Hopefully this situation won't last much longer!
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(No, this is not a dirty story. Keep reading.)

I stopped by Dred Moo this Sunday to say hi to Kathy and Dan, and Kathy said that she had something to show me. She took me through the back door on the empty side of the booth onto the back deck. Down by the edge of the pond was a big, fat, beaver. It was just lying there, not really moving at all. We couldn't see its tail because it was tucked under the rest of the beaver, so Kathy thought it might be a woodchuck. I have previous experience with castor canadensis, so I knew it was most definitely a beaver.

Since it wasn't moving, I was concerned for the poor rodent. Remembering an incident involving baby snapping turtles the previous weekend, I deduced that the best people to ask for help would be the bear/birds of prey folks.

Of course as I was hustling my butt over to the bears as quickly as I could, everyone AND THEIR MOM wanted roses. Eventually I made it over to Jay, who told me that he was stuck with the bears, and I needed to go talk to the people at Birds of Prey.

At Birds of Prey, the show was about to start. I couldn't find any of the people who Jay told me might be able to help, so I found Drew and Rocky. Drew said he would help, he would just have to put Rocky down. We went through backstage chessboard to the rear entrance of the parrot enclosure. Drew went to grab this teeny little parrot-catching net, at which point myself and another gentleman (whose name I did not catch) explained to him that while beavers are rodents, they are in fact quite large. Leather gloves wouldn't help either, since a beaver can chew through just about any type of wood without a second thought.

Off we went back to Dred Moo, Bubbles and Drew to the rescue! I took him through the back door. Now the poor beaver was lying on its back with all four legs in the air. For a second, I thought it had died while I was trying to find help, but then it rolled over onto its side. We could see its tail now.

There was some concern that the little beast might be rabid, since it still seemed completely unconcerned at our presence. Drew went around to get closer to the critter, in order to better assess its condition. As soon as he got within two feet of it, the beaver sat up, gave Drew the most offended look a beaver could possibly give a person, slipped into the pond, and swam off.

He was fine all along, the bastard! Drew said that he probably hangs out there pretty often, since there aren't alot of plants growing in that spot, and there's a little spiggot spraying water right next to it. It's a comfy little beaver bunk!

Now when anyone tries to tell you that there can't possibly be beavers at the faire, you can tell them that they are sadly mistaken.
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So, I've had an intersting day.

For those of you who don't already know, I work at the Palisades Center Mall. There was (possibly more than just) a bomb scare there today.

I was working 10-4. Everything was going normally, just like any other day. Slightly after three, the loudest, clearest PA announcement I have ever heard in that mall happened:

"This is the director of security at the Palisades Center. Everyone needs to walk, don't run, to the nearest exit. I repeat, everyone needs to exit the mall immediately."

My manager ran up, we shoved customers out the door and locked the gate. One woman was wandering around completely oblivious. I don't think she spoke English.

We hauled our asses out through the back hallways, and went to the end of the parking lot and waited. It was nuts. There were people and cars everywhere, and no one knew what was going on. Sirens, cops, giant traffic jam, but surprisingly, no panicking.

Finally we found one of the guys who works next door to us and he called his buddy on security. We found out that there was a suspicous package in a bathroom that may or may not be a bomb, and the authorities were called. We spotted three helicopters. Apparently, even if it's established that the "bomb" is not actually one, they still have to search the whole mall, just in case.

At about ten till four, my boss said I could go home. One of my co-workers takes the bus, so I gave her a lift. Now I'm sitting here at Rich's. He just got a phone call from his boss. He said he thinks they found something.

Thank goodness they got everyone out...

EDIT: According to the news, they found an explosive device on the third floor next to the security office that had to be detonated by the bomb squad, something that might have been explosive on the second floor, and something that they didn't know what it was on the roof, and they were still searching.

I hope I still have a place of employment tomorrow...

EDIT II: Turns out it wasn't a bomb, but they esploded it anyway.
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[livejournal.com profile] chairlegoftruth tried to set me on fire last night. He singed my arm hair!
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Last night I was hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and [livejournal.com profile] chairlegoftruth at a Mobile station. (Yeah, I know. It's really weird to hang out at a gas station.) Anyway, this kid (who couldn't have been more than sixteen years old) asked [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and [livejournal.com profile] chairlegoftruth to buy him some dip. The following exchange occurred:

Us: No.
Him: I'll give you money.
Us: No. Go away.
Him: I play baseball...::mumble mumble mumble::

At this point I was getting fed up with this kid. He just wasn't going to take no for an answer. [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and [livejournal.com profile] chairlegoftruth were taking the "Ignore him and maybe he'll go away" approach, but it seemed obvious to me that this method wasn't working.

So I turned around quickly and said loudly, without actually shouting, "You're under eighteen, aren't you??" The kid looked confused and surprised. "If you we're over eighteen, you'd be buying it yourself. Now leave my friends ALONE." And with that, I turned my back on him.

He got out of there right quick. [livejournal.com profile] chairlegoftruth said "I think you scared him..."

We were standing out in the parking lot a few minutes later, when a tennis ball was thrown in our general direction. It missed us completely. The guys said the kid I'd told off threw it as he was driving away. He must not have been a very good baseball player...

All in all, an entertaining encounter.
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Remember a few days ago when I posted that I had to get rid of my car? Well, as it turns out, I get to keep her. And no, there are no drugs in the back seat.

We went to the dealership on Monday to pick out a different car to trade for Celine. They had one choice for me. Needless to say, I liked Celine better. So I asked what the problem was with the title.

The original owner, when he sold the car, had written the wrong mileage on the back of the title. This voids the title. So my dealership needs to get a duplicate original from California (where the car was originally sold) to replace the original original. California, being stupid, is very slow and picky about doing this.

My insurance company had been whining about how my car wasn't registered, so my mother called them and explained the situation, and they were very nice about it. As long as I keep giving them money, they'll keep insuring my car.

The dealership had just wanted to make my life easier by offering me another car, but this happens to be easier anyway. So Celine stays with me, and I am happy.

I spent the past couple of days in New Paltz with Rich [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop. I needed gas when I went to leave last night, so I tried to pay for it with my debit card. It was declined. I figured there was probably something wrong with the physical card, so I used Mommy's credit card and went home.

When I got home at about quarter after eleven last night, I decided to check my account online, just to make sure everything was cool. I should have had approximately thriteen hundred dollars in my account. What I actually had was negative two thousand seventy three dollars and fourteen cents!!

Somebody in Jersey had been spending all of my money on gas and home improvements. They spent over a thousand dollars at a Lowe's. So I woke Mom up. She called the cops, and they told us what to do.

I called work this morning and told them what was happening, and they said I didn't have to come in. Mom and I went to the bank. I signed a bunch of affidavits, they gave me back the service charge they had given me for insufficient funds, opened me a new account, shredded my credit card, and started the investigation. They said I should have my money back in a couple of days.

Then we went to the police department and filed a report.

I put a fraud notice thingy on all of my credit reports, in case the person/people who did this try to mess around with that.

This incident has led me to believe that we should change our justice system. Punishment should include allowing the victims to beat the crap out of the criminals.

On a much happier note, I finally had the pleasure of meeting the Stefan person, who's been sitting over in the big sandbox for almost a year, and is now finally home. He's really cool. I think we shall get along swimmingly.


Six years ago, there was an offer in a magazine for free jeans. You pay ten bucks shipping, and you get free jeans. Woohoo! Mom paid the shipping, and I never got my jeans. I got a few postcards saying that they were ridiculously backordered and they were working on it, but no jeans. Eventually, the postcards stopped coming, and we forgot about the jeans.

Yesterday, another postcard arrived! All I had to do was e-mail them to confirm my size and address and whatnot, and I would get my jeans. So I did, and they say my jeans will be here in March or April. We'll see about that.

If they actually come, I think I'm going to customize them with patches and dye and stuff. It'll be fun!

And now, time for nap.
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Auto response from AVALON 13: "Will be a princess for food"
"Oh round noon when your hungersaa' pokin atcha pokinatcha"
"So How did you get a head shaped bruise on your thigh?"
Mmmmmmmm roast centaur, centaur on a stick, centaur on a bed of rice under glass, bbq style centaur, teryaki centaur Mmm mm goood.....Sorry Micky :-)
"Ooh Jello how exotic Why I feel like I'm on the deck of the QE2!"
"Whatcha doin? Watching the Matrix"
"Why do I have wings?"
"Go shopping cart! GO!! Be free!!"
"Coked up werewolf!"

Do you understand this away message? Are you still reading this away message? Then chances are you were with me in the past 48 hours............"and I have a question for you, why are you still here?"
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It's been a crazy couple of days, let me tell you...
Got up early on Wenesday to say goodbye to Steven, who left for Australia. Managed to get my stuff together for D&D without forgetting anything except the chess pieces, and went to Numina's house with Rich to play D&D. Had a talk with the player ranted about here. I told him that any other DM would've kicked him out for pulling that crap, and that it was just silly, and that he shouldn't do it again, and he behaved himself. The game was great, we took a break for Chinese food (yum!), then played some more. Eventually we stopped, and we ended up going to Dunkin' Donuts. I went in Mike's car, and he let me ride with my head out the window. :)
We were there until something like one thirty, two in the morning, getting nasty looks from the workers. Then we left, went back to Numina's, talked in the driveway a bit, and then Rich and I went back to my house. He crashed here instead of driving back to NP. We watched TV/hung out for a bit, and I finally went to bed at five AM.
Woke up, for some ungodly reason that I still cannot fathom, at noon. I didn't have to work until six, and wasn't planning to get up until three thirty. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I went downstairs. Rich and I had S'mores Poptarts for breakfast, and watched more TV. I finally kicked him out at three, took a shower, ate dinner, and went to work.
Work was a little crazy. We kept running out of silverware. I almost got in trouble for seating tables without it, but they realized it wasn't my fault, so it was all good. Rich and Andrew kept stopping by, and they kept me thoroughly entertained.
I got off a little after 11, and went to Fridays with the guys for a soda. Then we wandered around for a bit, and ended up playing shopping cart demolition derby in the parking lot. It was the most fun I've had in AGES! Got home around two, passed out, and didn't wake up till noon today. I don't have work till noon tomorrow, and it's all good.

And now, for my amusement of the day:
Isn't this GREAT?
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Here's the short version:
I got free clothes from the costume department: 1 cute blouse, 1 genuine leather vest, two pairs of leather mocassins-one short one knee length. They'll be good to wear at Faire.

Puppysitting was good, but that dog is the most needy creature I have ever cared for. I got payed, though, so it's ok.

Patti, Ricky and I were bored, so we made a chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse, strawberries and fresh whipped cream. It was divine, but I must've gained five pounds, because the leftovers ended up in my fridge, and they were calling me.

Ricky lost his keys in my room, we tore the place apart, but didn't find them until twenty four hours later. They were hiding in my make up case. (Don't ask.)

Musical rehearsals are going well. Our musical directors amuse me.

Snowball's birthday was last Monday. She's 10. I'll called her and sang Happy Birthday, and she didn't run away from the phone. :)

Evil Housing Guy Daniel sent out a notice that anyone who has to be let back into their room after being locked out will be charged fifteen dollars starting on the twenty first. I'm not sure this is legal, but even if it is, I'm going to get people together to complain, because that's just stupid.

It's my birthday on Monday. I'm going to be twenty. It feels weird.
Mom and Dad took me out to Gasho to celebrate. It was yummy, I didn't get bonked with the squeaky hammer, and I got pretty books. Yay!
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On the way to the grocery store today, (being the uber observant person that I am) I saw the eetle bitty "Yes, We're OPEN!" sign in the window of Hoyer's! YAY ICE CREAM! It's the first sign of the approach of summer. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm psyched. :)

In other news, I got approached by a modeling agent on the street for the second time the other day. The company that these wandering agents work for is a load of hamster poo, but it's flattering all the same.

Anju and Jen came to visit me, and there was French Toast and an evil waitress, and it was fun!

To be posted later: The story of the mystical disappearing non-alcoholic wine.

Break a leg to the cast of the NRHS production of "Damn Yankees"!
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Lots of stuff to write about. Some interesting, some not so interesting. (I'll try to keep it more interesting than not.)

My drama showcase went absolutely swimmingly. People were saying that it was the best Integrated (Musical Theater Students) showcase they had ever seen. Scene-Partner-Andrew and I were attacked by the gremlins two nights in a row, when the balloon that was supposed to pop simply refused to.
AMDA's new theater is beautiful, and big, and, of course, acoustically miserable. Oh well, you can't have it all. (I will have a video of the performance eventually, in case anyone's interested.)

Patti and I rented Death to Smoochy and The Banger Sisters, both of which surpassed my expectations by a long shot. I thought I was going to die laughing during Death to Smoochy. I highly recommend it.

Within the past week, Snowball has had two parties, all by herself. First, she opened the biscuit cabinet when no one was home and devoured the remainder of her biscuits. Then, my mom was cleaning out a closet, and she knocked over Snowy's breakfast treats onto the floor. The dog ate three of them before anyone bothered to pick them up.
Then, last Tuesday, she got skunked. No one knows how, but she did. She didn't even bark at the skunk. It must have snuck up on her. She's had three baths, and she still smells.

My voice teacher hired me to puppy sit for her dog in two weeks. She's paying me to go to her house and play with her dog! (And walk him and such.) Woohoo!

I was bored, so I decided to dye my hair. It is now (temporarily) "Redwood."

Last night Patti, Ricky, and I were walking down Columbus at one in the morning. We passed a little outdoor cafe thingy with some people sitting outside. There was an SUV parked in the street with its windows rolled down and music playing. We were talking about this when one of the guys at the cafe said to Ricky, "Hope you never have to sing this song to her." (I was walking next to Ricky, and I have no idea what song was playing.) Having had a rather large amount of caffeine, I found this highly amusing, and I'm not really sure what happened until the guy started hitting on me. At first he thought that Ricky and I were dating, then he thought we were brother and sister("You look like Donny and Marie Osmond!"), then he thought that Patti and Ricky were brother and sister. After we got that straightened out, he hit on me some more. Then, he said that Patti looked like a lesbian. We were fairly intrigued by this random guy, so we kept talking to him, and he guessed that we were performing arts majors, told us that he'd like to get together with us for a drink some time, gave Ricky his card, taught me how to shake hands, said that I had a great laugh and that I was "enchanting," and then we left, going "What the hamster just happened?" (At some point he told me that he's 37 years old, and that my parents would love him, which really kind of creeped me out.) ANYWAY...The three of us are really curious about this guy, so Ricky's going to e-mail him, and we'll see what happens. But if we do go out for drinks with him, it's all of us or none, and we have contingency plans in case we need an out.

Classes are going well. Monologue kicks bottom, Film & TV kicks bottom (I'm really good at it so far), Improv was canceled, Dance has been kicking my bottom, and Musical Theater is just kind of there. I am, however, singing "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from The Aristocats, and "Frank Mills" from Hair, both of which I love.

I have become almost completely nocturnal recently. It's fun!
The thunderstorm last night was really cool, but unfortunately I didn't get to go out in it, because I was in class.
I think that this whole war business is ridiculous, and it's pissing me off.
My birthday is in less than a month.
I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time. It never loses its charm.
That's all folks!
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The above quote is courtesy of an extremely exhausted and slightly confused Patti. I found it highly amusing.
Let's see now...
Lots of stuff has happened since my last update. Which to write about first? Hmmm...I believe I shall begin with the tale of The Adventures of Leslie and Patti.
The other day after rehearsal, Patti and I were bored. It was about 10PM, so there really wasn't anything open near us. Therefore, we decided to go down to the village to locate some sort of somewhere to get food or something.
We got down there and decided to go to the Mona Lisa Cafe, which has the BEST chocolate mousse EVER. We're on our way there from the subway station, when we pass these two guys coming out of a bar. One of them says "Hey! Look at the girls!" I think "Oh great, not again!"
So they're walking like ten feet behind us, and Patti and I are ignoring them. One of them, who appears to be quite a bit drunker than his companion, makes some sort of comment about my hair being pretty. Patti says, "I'm angry and I have mace. Leave us alone."
The not really drunk guy is trying to get his friend to leave us alone, but he's not listening. "Oo, I like angry girls!" He proceeds to come up beside me and touch my hair, saying "I really like your hair." Of course, this REALLY pissed me off, so I yell "DON'T touch me or I'll scream!" After jumping back about three feet, he says, "I like it when girls scream."
Patti went to reach into her bag with the intention of getting her phone to call the cops, but the guy obviously remembered her comment about having mace, because I have never seen someone so drunk run so fast in my life. As he was leaving we heard his friend say, "That's what you get, dude!"
So we got to the cafe, shared a pizza, and got our mousse to go. We were walking back to the subway, and we saw more drunk people. Of course, the entered the subway about three minutes after us and got in the same car as we did. I ended up sitting next to them. Joy.
They were very confused about where they were supposed to get off, so Patti was trying to explain it to them, and this turned into a minor argument. Then the one I was sitting next to decided to hit on me, and he touched my hair. I thought I was going to snap right there, but they got off the train without any major incidents.
And that is the end of this episode of The Adventures of Leslie and Patti.
Let me see now, what else is there of interest? Oh, yes...
I am working on translating Erin's pants. Actually, it's only a piece of a pair of pants, but that's not as much fun to say. One of her friends wrote something in Tolkein's Tengewar script on them a while back, and he wouldn't tell her what it meant. Since I'm such a geek, I have taken on the task of attempting to translate it. However, I think that this guy was just BSing, because some of the symbols he used don't exist, and what he did write doesn't make sense in any language. I haven't quite finished yet, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.
Ricky gave me two of the proofs from our photo session in the park, and they came out really nicely. I'm thinking of using one as my actual headshot.
I think that's about it for now. Have a nice day!


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