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-I continue to remain free of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, impending blindness, and dental cavities. Woot woot!

-The eye doctor gave me some new contact lenses to try. He told me that the Focus Monthlies I had been wearing were top-of-the-line...in 1985. I currently have a pair of Accuvue Oasys in, and other than the fact that I can see, I can't tell they're there. And boy oh BOY can I see! Evidently my astigmatism isn't bad enough to require the astigmatism version, which is fine by me. It would also seem that the prescription in my glasses is a bit stronger than what I actually need. This surprised me, as I was quite certain that I'd turn up blinder. I pick out new frames next week! I tried on a few today, and while I didn't find something I love, I did have the doc put three pairs aside. We also have three more drawers to get through, but alot of it is super-trendy. I want something I'll be able to wear for the next five or so years, especially considering how much these things are going to cost me.

-There were DOGGIES at the eye doctor! Two poodles, one standard and one toy. The standard, Charlie, is my New Best Friend because I played tug with him.

-Today I gathered up all of the cash that was sitting in my room from various holiday and birthday gifts. All told, I deposited almost enough to by myself all of the Lensbaby stuff I want. Instead, I'm sticking it in my savings account. The holidays are coming, and I always hate it when the people I love buy themselves nice things right before the holidays. It makes shopping for them SO MUCH HARDER. My brother almost never fails to buy himself whatever I'm planning on getting him for Christmas right before I do my shopping. At least he gets it before I spend my money, but still! So I'm holding off on buying any of that in case someone wants to get it for me for Christmas.

-I'm feeling peckish, but not dinner-hungry. I was hoping the grocery store would have some hot soup, but they only had chicken noodle and I already have some of that in my fridge. (Home made from scratch by Yours Truly, might I add.)

-I've been feeling somewhat disconnected lately. How are YOU?
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I have an appointment to get my first shot of Gardasil next week. I've done my research, and decided that this is the right thing for me to do.

Has anyone else gotten it yet? What was your experience? Will I need Rich to come with me and hold my hand?
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The arthritis in my foot decided to start acting up yesterday. No pain for MONTHS, then all of a sudden I'm limping around everywhere.


I am not a happy camper.

The plan for tonight is to stop by CVS, the bank, and the shoe-store-which-may-be-having-a-going-out-of-business-sale on the way home. Then, I'm going to sit my ass on the couch and ice my damn foot while folding laundry.

If it feels better after the ice, I'll do my yoga and stretching exercises.

This shit better cut it the fuck OUT before this weekend. Good thing I got good insoles for my boots...
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You need to read this article.

My purple Nalgene bottle, which I've been using for years, has the number 7 and PC on the bottom. I see no reason to panic at this time, but I will be shopping for a new bottle made with different material.
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Nose all snuffly, sneezy, achy...

Looks like I'm getting sick.

I think I shall leave early, stop by Panera for some soup inna bread bowl, then spend the rest of the day on the couch watching the rest of Muppet Show Season 2.

Yes. I like that plan.


Aug. 21st, 2006 12:49 pm
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I just called my doctor's office. Apparently, my doctor left, and I was not notified. They also won't give me a new prescription for my allergy medication unless I come in for an appointment.

Who the fuck has time for a doctor's apointment? I AM WORKING SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, ASSHOLE.
I've been taking the stuff since I was twelve. They have my medical records.

My doctor told me that since I'm young and healthy, I didn't have to have a checkup for three years. It's been two. I told that to them, and they said, "Well, that doctor isn't here any more."

Fuck this shit. I'm getting another fucking doctor.
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My new 'puter's coming today! Woohoo!

In other news, as of yesterday, I can eat like a normal person again! Yaaay!


May. 10th, 2004 03:05 pm
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Just got back from the doctor. Apparently I have Chronic Gastritis. I've been put on Nexium. Here's a list of food I'm not allowed to eat:

Anything containing caffeine
Anything acidic, including tomato sauce, orange juice, etc.
Spicy food.

Bah. Humbug.
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I just had my wisdom teeth out. I lost a chunk of my head, and a small chunk of my life. It was like, "You're going to start feeling high soon," and then "Leslie, time to wake up!" Trippy, man.

The doc gave me vicies. Holy crap. Good shit, yo. I feel like a lemur in the happiest lemur environment ever.

This Snapple A Day stuff is pretty good, too.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee....::Wanders off to find cell phone charger::
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Food + My Tummy = EVIL!!
(I'm never eating again.)

That is all.
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I have been officially cavity free for (nearly) 21 years now! ::Trumpets::
Except I have to have my wisdom teeth out. Contrary to popular belief, I actually have a small mouth.
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I have finally gotten an appointment with the good physical therapist, Jeff! Woot! I've got a referral and everything. Hopefully this time everything will go well, and my shoulder/neck will be all fixed. Now I just need a job....

In other news, I'm already intensely bored with school. It seems to be a very large waste of my time. I was sitting in Shakespeare last night, thinking to myself, "I could be doing this at home, in bed, in my pajamas, with a nice big bowl of ice cream." Instead, I was in a room with soul-sucking flourescent lights listening to a continual re-statement of the obvious. I really don't think the teacher knows how to teach Shakespeare. She's quite knowledgeable about it, or at least she seems to be, but I'm not learning anything. Not a thing. I'm thinking of being lazy and just doing the bare minimum to pass, because I really don't care any more. Psych is also boring as hell, which is why I'm doing this instead of studying for the exam tonight. Because I really don't need to. The teacher basically just reviews the chapter in class. The book goes into more detail than she does. I don't understand this. I could've saved quite a bit of money by just buying the book and reading that.

The only two courses that are still holding my interest are Fiction and Freaks. Freaks looks like it may not succeed in that much longer, and I wish I could have more workshop days in Fiction.

I think I'm going to take mostly writing courses next semester, since that seems to be what I'm getting the most out of.

Good news!

Oct. 18th, 2003 01:17 pm
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I called my orthapedic surgeon. He's very shocked that the insurance company won't let me see Jeff, the first physical therapist, and he agrees that the one I've been seeing isn't doing things right. Now, I didn't actually get to speak to him, but Mom relayed the message to me. I get to call him on Monday, Mom get's to call my PCP and the insurance company, and if it all works out, the orthapedic surgeon will be able to convince the insurance company to let me see Jeff, and all will be right with the world.

In other news, it seems that my mother was just taking random stress out on me. I'm still worried that she's not sleeping over this stuff though. I have a plan that I am going to propose to her that may help her sleep bettter when I'm out of the house. Usually I'm with Rich when I'm not home. So when I leave him to go home (by myself), my plan is for me to call him when I get home. That way, if he doesn't get the phone call, he knows something's wrong, and can call my house. The result of this plan is that Mom can stop worrying about me crashing my car into a ditch and not being able to call home. Now I just have to tell her about it.
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I just had another physical therapy appointment. I am now absolutely convinced that my prescription is not being followed. All she wants me to do are those damn exercises, and when I'm in too much pain to do them, my appointment gets cut short. I know for a fact that there are other things besides exercise on that prescription.
The final nail in the coffin was when she put ice on my shoulder. My 'script says heat, not cold. Not only that, but by the time I got home, the side of my face was numb. It's not getting better, it's getting worse.
I want to go somewhere else!
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As I posted a while back, I have a pinched nerve in the left side of my neck. This requires physical therapy. The orthapedic surgeon gave me a list of physical therapists in the area, and my mother called the insurance company to see which ones were covered. There were five or six options, so I picked one, called, and made the appointment.
The therapist, Jeff, was really cool. He told me exactly why he was doing what he was doing, and none of it hurt, and it was good. He said that most of my physical therapy (which the orthapedic surgeon prescribed) would feel quite nice, and none of it would really hurt all that much. I wasn't in any pain for two whole days after that appointment. That made me exceptionally happy. Pain equals bad, no pain equals good. I think we all agree on that point. However...
It turns out that Jeff's office was not, in fact, covered by my insurance. In reality, I am required to go to a specific office, half an hour from my house. This wouldn't be a problem, except for my first appointment, I drove there just to sit with a heat pack on and get a sheet of exercises I'm supposed to do at home. They didn't tell me the purpose of the exercises, or how they're supposed to un-pinch the nerve in my neck.
Don't think that's so bad? Don't worry, it gets worse. I tried doing the exercises, and it hurt like a mofo. I wasn't in any significant pain prior to trying them, but ever since then, it hurts quite a bit. I tried the exercises on Sunday, and had an appointment Monday night. I told the therapist that they hurt, so she just gave me different exercises, and I'm still in pain.
Something that's supposed to be making me better shouldn't make it hurt more, right? It should make it not hurt. Stupid insurance company. I want to go back to the other place, damnit!
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I went to see the orthapedic surgeon today. Got poked and prodded, and then had some x-rays. It turns out I have a pinched nerve in my neck. That accounts for the pain, but not the numbness in my face. We have no idea what's causing that. Now I get to do physical therapy, and try to drop my yoga course. I hope it's not too late...


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