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So I open up my e-mail this morning, and I have 54 messages, mostly from LJ.

I guess they fixed the problem...
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May I direct your attention to this post on my darling [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop's journal. He's giving away a printer/scanner/copier to the first person who wants it.

Want it? Go comment on his post. Quickly!

EDIT: Too slow! Zee printer, she has been claimed!


Sep. 7th, 2007 09:20 am
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Somebody convince me I don't need a burr grinder. Quickly!
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Add Brian to Trogdor Tuesday!

NIKKI!!!! Make sure he does that! :)
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In the event that you decide to IM me, and have never done so before, please identify yourself. Why's that? Well, you know those stupid spam IM's? They've started using different bait. They'll say something like "You there?" and wait for you to respond before they spam you. So, if you just say "You there?" or "Hey what's up?" and I don't recognize your screenname, you won't get a response. Sorry!
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Vodka = OW!
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Spread the word! These doggies need homes, quick!

Click me!
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Sweet Lu's closed?? When did this happen??
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I never realized how much [livejournal.com profile] everaidenn looks like Janis Joplin until today.
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I just saw a commercial for a new version of the Tamagotchi. You know, the electronic pet key chain thingies. I'm scared...

It's COOL!

Jun. 18th, 2004 09:18 pm
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The air conditioning is finally finished! I can feel it cooling off in here already. Ahhhh...
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I hereby decree that "kupo" shall be from now on the new "moo."

That is all. You may return to your daily activities.
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I just got my first ever jury summons. Bleh. I don't wanna go!
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Carrot Top scares me. Alot.
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I bought vinyl pants yesterday. They're hot. :)
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I don't know how I'm awake. I didn't get anywhere near enough sleep last night. My brain feels fuzzy. There's a dry spot in the back of my throat that just won't go away. I'm not really sure what day it is, and I think part of my brain is still dreaming. I want to go back to bed, but I know I'll just lay there and not sleep. Someone want to come over and hit me in the head with a two by four?
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I've been waiting all day for my back and shoulders to crack. I'm planning on going to bed in half an hour, and they're doing it now! Gah! Stupid body!
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I saw the fat evil ho (whose initials are HJ) in the restaurant Mom and I went to for dinner tonight. Eww! It's really difficult to eat when she's in the room. She said hello to me. Thank God she didn't say anything else. How come I always feel like I need a bath every time I see her?
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One of the annoying neighborhood children kept ringing our doorbell then running away. Then she was playing in our front yard. Any ideas on how I could frighten her enough to keep her away from our house?

We had digital cable installed yesterday. It's pretty. :) Snowball tried to lick the cable guy's ears off. Silly puppy. The only problem is, now we have to teach Dad how to use the new remote...

I washed my sheets and such yesterday, and hung them on the line to dry. Now they smell all pretty and fresh.

Today I have to re-arrange my bookshelves. Fun and games. I also have to vacuum, dust, and finish unpacking. Wahoo.


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