Sep. 14th, 2009 10:06 am
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A while back, I posted about how one day soon, this corset would be mine. It's a bit different from what I usually go for, but I think it's gorgeous. I was planning on having Janete make me an amethyst colored chemise to go with it. That'd look really awesome, right?

It's been out of stock in my size, but I've been checking the website faithfully and waiting.

Then, last night, I saw this one. It's purple, which is obviously more my thing. I have no idea what I'd put under it, but it's in stock in my size right now.

There's no reason I shouldn't buy the purple one now, and the green one a bit further down the line, right?


I mean. I *did* make enough in tips alone yesterday to buy one of them.

But I'm trying to save up for several things: new camera lens, new computer, down payment for a new car eventually....


ETA: Ms. [livejournal.com profile] blueimber has made a convincing argument, and I have placed my order!
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Last night I worked on fixing my computer.

Cleared the cache & cookies. No workie.

Re-started in safe mode. Lo! I have internets! This is good.

Ran Ad-Award in safe mode. It found something malicious; I don't remember exactly what. Removed that & re-started in regular mode.

Opened Firefox & got the same message about the connection to the network being reset or whatever. (I should really write that down.)

Re-started in safe mode, again. Ran Trend Micro 2009 virus scan AND House Call.

They found...nothing.

Now, I'm stumped. The fact that I only have internet in safe mode indicates a virus, right?

At least I know it's not a hardware issue. Didn't want to have to go out and buy a new network card.

Any thoughts? Anyone know of an online scan similar to House Call I could try?
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I am having issues with my home computer, and my darling boyfriend has been too busy to look at it. I am hoping that one of you lovlies out there in LJ/Facebook-land can help me out.

Last week, I was messing about on the internet, when all of a sudden things just...stopped working. Every time I tried to load a page I'd get a message that said "The connection to the server was reset." Type thing.

Restarted the computer. No luck. Same message. Shut down the computer, unplugged the modem, unplugged the router, re-plugged the modem, re-plugged the router, turned the computer back on...no dice.

I'm running Windows XP, with the most recent version of Firefox. IE 7 didn't want to connect, either.

Rich's laptop and the (se)X-Box are connecting just fine, so I'm pretty sure it's not the network.

Oh, and I've tried using both the wireless and wired conncections, to no avail.

Anybody have any sort of idea of how to fix this? I would really love to have internet on MY computer again.


Dec. 12th, 2008 10:01 am
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Can somebody please explain to me why it would cost between forty and fifty dollars for me to go to a farm and cut down my own Christmas/Yule tree, when I can go to Loews or Home Depot and get a perfectly nice pre-cut tree for twenty or thirty dollars (less if it's on sale)?

Is it because of insurance or something? You'd figure it would cost less, since they don't have to pay somebody to do the work.

Basically, why are they asking me to pay extra to do a job they'd normally be paying somebody else to do?
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Last night while [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and I were watching TV we saw one of those commercials where somebody gets a fancy shmancy car with a giant bow on top for Christmas. I mentioned that I would never want a car for Christmas; they're far too expensive, and I would want to test drive and select my own vehicle.

Rich asked me what I would most want for Christmas. I have a rather extensive wish list on thethingsiwant.com, so I started thinking about which item would make me happiest if I opened it on Christmas morning.

"Well, the password manager would be very handy, but I would love a new lens for my dSLR. Then there's all the kitchen stuff..."

He said that no, he didn't mean this Christmas. He wanted to know what my all-time fantasy Christmas gift was.

I couldn't think of anything.

When I was little, I asked for one of those floor-less ride-in toy cars for several years in a row. The problem was that I wanted it to be a white minivan just like my Mom's, and those didn't actually exist.

Now that I'm grown, I'm really not sure what my perfect fantasy Christmas gift would be.

Do any of you know what yours would be?
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Which one of you e-mailed me a picture of bacon from your cell phone? I don't recognize the number!
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Mommy and I have plans to go into the city on Saturday so that we may visit a LUSH store. I am so very excited!

Have any of you been to more than one? Which is your favorite? I've only been to the one in Union Square, so I have no idea if any of the others are any better or worse.
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My Totally Awesome Brother got me a bluetooth headset for my birthday! Now I can walk around and look like I'm talking to myself!

Anyway, I'm having a little problem with it. The headset works fine, but I'm having trouble with the voice dialing. I'm pretty sure it's the phone and not the headset, since that's where the voice dial option comes from.

For reference, I have one of these.

It's got this stupid auto-voice dial thingy. I don't have to record anything, it just figures out pronunciations from the spelling.

The system is far from perfect. I say "Rich," it says, "Dan!" I say "Steven," it says, "Lindsay!"

Some of them are understandable, like "Mommy" and "Molly," but I can't get the damn thing to work right!

Is it me, or is it the phone? Is there a way to turn off the option of voice dialing for people who I don't call often, if ever?

Cat People?

Apr. 7th, 2008 11:20 am
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I have the I Can Has Cheezburger feed on my f-list. Every time there's a picture of cat being bathed by humans, or even just a wet cat, someone inevitably says something along the lines of, "Oh noes!11!!11 That poor kitty! What horrible horrible people would torture a cat by giving it a bath??"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but bathing a cat is something that most pet owners would avoid unless it was 100% unavoidable, yes? It's not something you do just to see the funny look on the cat's face; you only do it if it's in the kitty's best interest.

Am I right? Are these people who are bitching about pet owners taking good care of their babies a bit off their rockers?


Oct. 8th, 2007 04:08 pm
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What do you think of this couch? I'm thinking we'd get the "kid glove navy" fabric.

It's got hidden storage compartments!
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For the longest time, I have wanted a down comforter. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] toosha, I got a really great deal on one. Yay!

I figure, ok, I have the comforter, I need a duvet cover. That's what you do, right? So I go shopping. I fell in love with this pretty green striped micro-suede one. It was on sale, AND I had a coupon! Luckily, I said to myself, "Self, we should check the washing instructions, just in case." Lo and behold, the duvet cover, (part of the point of which, as I understand it, is to prevent you from having to wash the down comforter too much,) is dry clean only. WTF?? That's out.

They also had a pretty solid sage green sateen duvet cover for less than the micro-suede one, so I picked that up. 100% cotton, very soft, and most importantly...machine washable. I am pleased. Also on sale, also with the coupon. Hooray!

Now, I've never had a down comforter or duvet cover before. I understand the basic idea of how this works, but the mechanics of how to get the comforter inside of the duvet cover in such a way that it is straight and does not bunch up is beyond me. Do you do it like a giant pillow and pillow case? Is there some magical trick to this process?

Any advice?


Jun. 25th, 2007 06:48 pm
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If you were me, where would you have left your spare glasses?
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I have a question for my fellow Geico customers. Did they send you five million insurance cards when you signed up for your policy? So far I've gotten a faxed copy, an e-mailed copy, two sets of two with my policy details, and today I got three more sets of New York cards, along with two sets of New Jersey cards! I've never EVER lived in Jersey!

My brother had a similar experience, except he doesn't think he got Jersey cards. Has anyone else had this happen?
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Have any of you been to Los Angeles? If so, I have a question for you.

Should we rent a car?

I have a book that's telling me the public transportation in the area sucks pretty hardcore. However, the husband of the friend we're staying with doesn't own a car, and gets around solely with public transportation. I'm not entirely certain where they live, so that doesn't help. They have to work during the week we're there, so they won't be available all the time to hold our hands and show us around. I was thinking maybe we should get a car with a GPS device.

The problem with renting a car is that I am under twenty five, so if I rented it there would be some ASTRONOMICAL surcharge. Rich doesn't have a credit card, so he can't rent the car, even though he is over twenty five. I called Enterprise and asked if I could pay and he could drive, and was told that wasn't possible.

I've never been there myself, obviously, and I don't know whether to believe the book, or the fellow we haven't met yet. He's probably not going to places like Disneyland or the tourist-y spots all the time.

Any advice?
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Does anyone out there in LJ-land know how to read palms?  I had mine read by a drunk and slightly crazy person over New Years, and I would like to know whether or not what he said was accurate.  I'm not certain how I feel about the accuracy of such things, but I'm curious. 
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Well, part of that is true. Rich and I are thinking of taking a little trip to visit friends in CA, so I'm pricing plane tickets.

Has anyone used Pricline's Name Your Own Price thingywhatsit? They want my credit card information right off the bat, and I want to know if they suck first.

Jet Blue seems to have some pretty good prices, so we'll probably go with them, but I was wondering if the Priceline thing was actually worth it.

Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
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If you were my twenty year old brother, what would you want for Christmas? He wants a new HDTV, but my parents are buying him that, since I obviously can't afford that anyway.

He keeps stealing my DVD's, so I'm thinking maybe a couple of movies, but I don't know what. Maybe Cars? He's an automotive technician, so that'd be cute. I don't know what his girlfriend is getting him either. I should talk to her the next time she visits.

He's the only one I haven't shopped for yet, and he won't give me any hints as to what I should get for him! At least *I* have a list at thethingsiwant.com, to make my family's lives easier, (also, it's fun!), but he's always been the difficult one.

So. Any suggestions?
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::cue "Mission: Impossible" theme::

Greetings, Agents!

Several years ago, Homestarrunner made jack o' lantern patterns of many of their characters. I am unable to locate them now.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the Cheat o' lantern pattern, and give it to me.

This message will self destruct if you stare at it too long.

That is all.

(First person who finds it wins a cookie!)
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Does anyone know if/where I can get a ring-type piercing with a small engraveable charm? Or any kind of piercing, with a small engraveable charm?
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Hypothetically speaking, of course, if I were to start and actually post in a TMI filter, would you be

A. Scandalized
B. Interested
C. Grossed Out
D. Merely Curious
E. Indifferent
F. Other (Please specify)?

Not that I'm actually going to do this, I just want to know how people would react if I did.


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