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~Puck, the thirteen week old kitten, came home last night. There had been a mix-up at the vet, so he didn't get fixed until this past Tuesday. He also still needs his rabies vaccine, which the rescue will be covering, because he doesn't weigh four pounds yet. He explored most of the house last night, and is terribly adorable.

~Oberon is not entirely pleased to have a little brother. They had dinner together last night, and there has been some hissing/growling, and a small amount of no-claws head bopping. There was also much whining on Obi's part. He did do a poo on the floor at some point last night, but we're pretty sure he'll settle down in a couple of days. If not, Feliway!

~My parents are coming over to meet the fuzzballs on Saturday. I'm fixing on making grilled pizzas: one with garlic and veggies on, one "lasagna" pizza. Should be noms. I'm excited.

~I've been going for bike rides, doing yoga, and playing Wii Fit pretty regulary. I don't know if my waist is actually starting to return to normal-size yet, but I'm certainly starting to feel better, so I'll count that as a win so far.

~At some point before July, I want to make it down to Ikea. I'd like to pick up another Billy, stuff to put up shelves next to my desk, and decking tiles for the area in front of our hot tub. I have no idea WHEN this might happen, but I will make it happen!

~Um. That's about it. My life is kind of boring right now. How are you?


Oct. 31st, 2011 09:43 am
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I hate snow, hills, and oil heat.

On Saturday, I *tried* to make it to the Halloween party I was supposed to go to. There was no snow on the ground when I left my house. By the time I made it to the parkway, not ten miles away, the road was basically impassable. Two and a half hours later, I made it home. Had it not been for some very kind off-duty firemen who pushed me up a big-ass hill, I wouldn't have gotten there. The trip was harrowing, to say the least. I swear to god, my next car will be a Subaru.

Upon arriving home, I discovered that we had no electricity. Since our fireplace isn't up and running yet, no electric means no heat. I called the NYSEG emergency line, and the message said we'd have our electric back by nine PM. Rich wasn't home yet, so I kept myself busy putting away some laundry until he arrived home safely.

Once he got home, I poured myself a nice stiff drink, and we settled in under some blankets to wait for the electricity to come back on. Dinner was Munchkins, (which I had planned to bring to the party,) crackers, and a little cheese. Eventually, we decided it would be a good plan to pile blankets on the bed and read The Hobbit to each other until the electricity came back on. Nine o'clock came and went; still, we had no power. I called the emergency line again, and they no longer had an estimate as to when we'd be back up and running.

We spent the night under two comforters and an afghan, listening to the sound of branches cracking and falling.

We woke early in the morning, and NYSEG still didn't know when we'd have power back. I called my mother, and established that as soon as it was warm enough out to drive, we'd head to her house with a crash bag, lest we should have to stay the night.

After lazing in bed for a while longer, we packed up our necessities, and assessed the situation. The only damage to our property seems to be half a tree down in the back yard. We'll know more once the snow melts a bit.

We managed to get on our way with a minimum amount of physical labor. I needed to put gas in my car BADLY, but all of the gas stations in our immediate area were either without power or gasoline. Fortunately I had enough to make it to Tarrytown, where we stopped for coffee, lunch, and a smidge of shopping. The weather was quite lovely, and the area had not been hit nearly as hard by the storm as we were.

The remainder of the trip to my parents' was uneventful. Rich stopped off to visit with a friend, and I joined him after dropping our stuff off. Got lots of cute pictures of the Bailey-puppy.

Mom and Dad took us out to dinner, and I finally got the stuffed shells I've been craving.

We slept on an air mattress in my old room. I'm cranky about the air mattress, but extremely grateful for the heat.

As of this writing, NYSEG still has no estimate as to when we'll have power. I'm incredibly annoyed by this. Can't you at least say something like, "Wednesday evening at the latest," or "No sooner than Thursday afternoon?" At least then I'd know how many pairs of clean socks we'll need.

After work (which promises to be uneventful, as my boss is also without power at his home, and is currently in Danbury,) I'm going to the house to switch out clothes and check things out.

Hopefully this situation won't last much longer!
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~I GOT A PERMANENT JOB HOORAY HOORAY!!!! I will be an Administrative Assistant to a Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual. It's a very exciting opportunity, with decent pay and benefits. I start on the fifth, and my goal for 2012 is to have ONE W2. That hasn't been the case for me since 2008, believe it or not. I've actually been very fortunate this year; I managed to swing into a temp position that started the day after B&F closed. It was only supposed to be three weeks, but it's now three months later and I haven't have to collect a single penny of unemployment. Perhaps my luck has turned?

~Things around the house are progressing! I accepted the new job on Friday, so Rich and I went out and spent some money this weekend. We got a couple of pieces of furniture we needed for the living room, and a reel lawn mower. I've never had to mow the lawn once in my life, but I kind of love doing it with our new mower. Our yard got WAY out of control, so it's going to be a little while before it's *perfect*, but it's getting there. We still have a bunch of other stuff on our to-do list, but now that I have a definite source of income we can get moving, finally. Next on the list is to pick out and purchase flooring for the dining room and library, which I fear will be more difficult than I first thought. I was originally thinking a light colored bamboo, but it turns out bamboo isn't good for high traffic areas, and darker colored floors can help lower your heating costs in winter. I think we'll be shopping this weekend.

~I don't know if I've mentioned this here, but my Aunt Patti and Uncle Harold are moving down to South Carolina this week. It's...weird. My mom's side of the family has always been pretty close, both geographically and emotionally. Thanksgiving was always at our place, Christmas always at Aunt Patti's, with various other barbecues and celebrations split up between. SC should be good for them, so that makes me happy, but I'll miss having them so close. They've given Rich and I two pieces of antique family heirloom furniture already, and my parents will be dropping off their fire table and lawn chairs this evening, so that's pretty exciting.

~Speaking of things around the house, this weekend our resident whistle pig, Buster, got a GIRLFRIEND! We noticed them both on the deck on Saturday. I think I managed to snap a couple of photos, but I haven't put them on the computer yet. We have dubbed our new yard-resident TheMissus. As long as they don't destroy our deck, I'm perfectly content with them living in our yard.

~This past Saturday, Rich and I went with my parents to the Wolf Conservation Center to see their new Ambassador Pups. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE I COULD NOT HANDLE THE CUTE. There are pictures up on my FaceBook.

~That's about it for now. I'm sure I'll think of something I missed later.
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The day we closed on our house, when we did the final walkthrough there was a black and white kitty in the yard. We've seen kitty several times since then, but he seems to be completely uninterested in making friends. He disappeared during the winter, and he looks fairly well fed, so we're pretty sure that he's someone's pet.

Yesterday, as I ate my breakfast, I watched kitty play "catch, release, re-catch" with a chipmunk. Woo, free rodent control!

I'm fine with letting kitty be for now, but the second he starts digging in what passes for my garden at the moment, the hav-a-hart is coming to get him!
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Our house isn't perfect by any means, but I do love it. Last weekend, I was reminded of a couple of reasons why.

Internet, meet Buster! )

That little guy likes to nap on our deck, and eat the weeds in our yard. We've decided that his name is Buster, and he is the laziest. Whistle pig. EVAR. I swear, he spends half his day just lazing on the deck, because being a woodchuck is SO HARD YOU GUYS.

Later that same day, I saw an actual hummingbird feeding on the bush outside our living room window! I'd always wanted to have hummingbirds in my garden, and I finally have them. I texted my mother to tell her what I saw, and as it happens she had *just* ordered me a hummingbird feeder. Ha!

Now I have to get off my ass, get out of the house, and Get Things Done.
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This is going to be a fast and furious summary of the past month and a half or so, so hang on tight!

-The New Job from the beginning of August...did not work out. It turned out to be a good thing that it didn't, but for a while there I was really, really not well. Fortunately, I have an excellent support system. I will be forever grateful to the people who held me up through that difficult period. You know who you are. <3

-Thanks to our respective mothers, Rich and I were still able to close on our house. His mother found someone who could help us, since our original mortgage broker was unable to do so due to her being scheduled to go on vacation for the entire month of September. My mother actually co-signed our mortgage.

-We closed on September 15th. I had no job (other than rose selling, that becomes important later,) at the time. I was overjoyed and terrified all at once.

-The day after we closed, I had a really amazing interview at a really amazing textile company in North White Plains. Again, this becomes important later.

-The Big Move was scheduled for September 23rd. We rented a truck from Budget, and quite a few people, most importantly my dad, helped us schlep stuff. I drove the truck! No one died! No property was damaged!

-On September 22nd, I got an offer of employment from the company I had interviewed with the previous week. I went and peed in a cup, told them I accepted, and waited for my start date.

-We slept in our new home on the evening of September 23rd. On September 24th, whilst [livejournal.com profile] rivendellelf was helping me move yet more boxes, I got the phone call that they wanted me to start work on September 27th, the day after closing day of the Renaissance Faire. I asked them if it would be all right if I started on Tuesday, as I had to finish up my move, and they were perfectly fine with that. I had a new job!

-On September 26th, closing day of NYRF 2010, I sold 215 roses. My goal that morning had been to sell 160. I am still in a little bit of shock regarding that fact. It seemed that my life had made a sudden and drastic turn around.

In the three and a half weeks since then...

We've gotten partially unpacked; spent lots of money at various household-supply stores; sanded, wiped down, and primed the dining room walls; planted two blueberry bushes and a butterfly bush; discovered that our house, which came with a washing machine, HAD NO DRYER HOOKUP; got a dryer hookup installed; got new laundry machines from my parents; and scads of other things I'm probably forgetting due to the glass of wine I'm enjoying, the bottle of which came from a store less than a block from my new house.

There is much yet to do. We still have to get the hot tub looked at. The electrician who installed our dryer plug has to come back to fix the wire that's running through mid-air in our bathroom. (We found THAT when Dad tore out the hideous drop ceiling they had in there.) Mr. Electrician also has to suss out the situation with the ceiling fixtures in the bedrooms, and install a bathroom fan.

We have to finish painting, get Empire in here to replace most of the awful, awful carpeting we've got up in here, replace the cook top, and get a dishwasher installed.

So, so much to do!

My new job is also very busy. I'm the Sample Production Assistant, and it seems there was quite a while where my position was un-staffed. There's a bit of a mess as a result, and I'm the one who's supposed to clean it up. I love it.

My boss, D, is really super sweet, the rules (no cell phones during work hours, no personal use of computer,) are somewhat strict but clear, and the benefits are fantastic. D tells me every day what a great job I'm doing and how happy she is to have me there. It's wonderful to be appreciated!

So. That's why I haven't been around much. Bit busy, yeah? I miss you all, and I hope to be able to start having people over for foodses and hot tubbing soon!


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