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This was a really low-energy year for me. I don't know if it's a medical thing (I've lost between ten and fifteen pounds since Christmas, but I'm nowhere near what I would consider "in shape,") or an emotional thing (there's been a ton of drama and discussion regarding the potential casino, along with some other changes that have been made,) but I've been having trouble tapping into the somewhat-manic energy that usually drives me to Be Bubbles and Sell All of The Things.

Still, when I ask myself if I should perhaps consider retiring, the answer is a resounding "HELL no!" I am still having fun, I'm still making good money, and I still love what I do. If any of those things ever changes I'll revisit the issue. Until then I'm going to keep doing what I do, Lord willing and if the creek don't rise.

I'm also thinking that maybe, when I am old and the days of being Bubbles the Rose Fairy are naught but a fond memory and a series of amusing photos, I shall write a book about all of the weird shit that happens to me at faire.

Notable things from this season:
-Starting my very own harem
-Receiving a pin which reads "Twitter Fairy" from a dear friend
-The long-hoped-for return of Heathyre Feathyre to our shire
-The addition of painted roses to our wares on Labor Day Weekend
-Trying to convince Leonardo that my hands are the right hands for his siege engine
-Getting 500+ likes on my FB fan page
-Being gifted a Barbie doll that looks JUST LIKE ME by the Commodore and Macko
-The slightly tipsy and very lost dudes who found me not once, but twice opening weekend and tipped me quite nicely for figuring out where they wanted to go and taking them there. (They were looking for the "Bad Ben" show. I took them to "Ded Bob.")
-Parents who got WAY more excited about seeing a fairy than their small children did
-Greg and Becca telling me the "Is that like a Bubbles rose?" story (C&P'd from my fan page: "Two of my long-time customers told me a story this weekend that I just *had* to share with all of you: They were at the faire without their little one, and they purchased a rose from Yours Truly, of course. Upon their arrival home, their adorable four year old son asked, "Is that like a Bubbles rose?" Mom replied, "It's not just LIKE a Bubbles rose, it IS a Bubbles rose, and it's for you!" The kidlet's eyes lit up, and he said, "Thaaaank you, Mommy and Daddy!"

That right there? That's why I do this job. ")
-The little boy who decided that fairies being from a different, magical land meant that I was from Texas
-The gigantic Glow Cloud (ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD) which graced us with its presence at the end of a rainy day
-Finally getting to bust out my Victorian-style outfit at faire
-The Tiniest, Cutest Barbarian playing in alllllll of the mud puddles
-Barbarians in general. Ugh
-The last of the major creepers finally getting the boot
-Messing with Woodchuck via anonymous roses accompanied by Weird Al lyrics
-The Captain Brendan Bull memorial

I'm sure there's much, much more I'm forgetting, but this will have to do for now.


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