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Sep. 15th, 2009 02:12 pm
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My Totally Awesome Little Brother will be participating in Bike MS on October 18th. He's planning on doing the 60 mile route.

He has to raise a minimum of $125.00, but I think it would be neat if he could manage to raise more than that.

If you'd be interested in donating, let me know. I know times are tough for a lot of people, so I'm just putting this out there in case anyone's interested.

UPDATE: Go here to donate directly to Steven.

Thank you!
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If you were my twenty year old brother, what would you want for Christmas? He wants a new HDTV, but my parents are buying him that, since I obviously can't afford that anyway.

He keeps stealing my DVD's, so I'm thinking maybe a couple of movies, but I don't know what. Maybe Cars? He's an automotive technician, so that'd be cute. I don't know what his girlfriend is getting him either. I should talk to her the next time she visits.

He's the only one I haven't shopped for yet, and he won't give me any hints as to what I should get for him! At least *I* have a list at, to make my family's lives easier, (also, it's fun!), but he's always been the difficult one.

So. Any suggestions?


Sep. 7th, 2006 05:31 pm
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MY totally awesome little brother graduated from Lincoln Tech today with HIGH honors!

I am now officially related to an excellent mechanic!


Aug. 18th, 2006 10:48 am
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MY totally awesome little brother is bringing his girlfriend to faire tomorrow! I am SO EXCITED! He's a party pooper though, and doesn't want to rent garb.

He's a good boy. He paid me in advance for a rose, AND he tipped me! So I am going to pick out the absolute prettiest rose we have that day and deliver it to her the second I find them.

So if you see a rather tall handsome young man with blue eyes and very light brown hair walking around with a very pretty short-ish girl with beautiful long dark hair and the prettiest rose EVAR, that is MY totally awesome little brother and his totally awesome girlfriend!

So bored...

Jun. 1st, 2006 03:58 pm
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Some days, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Others, like today, I'm bored out of my skull. You ALL know what happens when Bubbles gets bored.

If I finish all of my work an hour and a half before quittin' time, I should be allowed to go home. And still get paid. ::nods::

Tomorrow's Friday! And pay-day! Wooo!

I have a new Elmo photo on my desk. It's me and Rich holding him, and we're all dressed up for a wedding. Everyone keeps talking about how fat he is. He's really not fat; you can feel his little ribs like you're supposed to. I tell him he is all the time, though. Rich says I'm going to give him a complex. I say there's nothing at all complex about that cat. Har har har!

I can't wait to go home and cook dinner for my love. And possibly my brother, who is still the most awesome brother in the universe. He gave my car a tune-up the other week. He changed the oil, transmission filter and fluid, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and fuel filter. He's going to do the engine coolant when he gets a chance. He looked all professional in his uniform working on my car! It was SO CUTE. (A pox upon anyone who dares tell my brother that I said he looked cute working on my car!)

GAH! Why is there nothing to DO? Tomorrow I'm going to get slammed. You just watch.
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Dude. MY little brother. Makes the bestestestestestest.... Chocolate martinis. EVAR!


He could totally. Kick YOUR little brother's. Ass.


Jun. 20th, 2004 08:12 pm
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My little brother graduated from high school today. I feel old...
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It's been a crazy couple of days, let me tell you...
Got up early on Wenesday to say goodbye to Steven, who left for Australia. Managed to get my stuff together for D&D without forgetting anything except the chess pieces, and went to Numina's house with Rich to play D&D. Had a talk with the player ranted about here. I told him that any other DM would've kicked him out for pulling that crap, and that it was just silly, and that he shouldn't do it again, and he behaved himself. The game was great, we took a break for Chinese food (yum!), then played some more. Eventually we stopped, and we ended up going to Dunkin' Donuts. I went in Mike's car, and he let me ride with my head out the window. :)
We were there until something like one thirty, two in the morning, getting nasty looks from the workers. Then we left, went back to Numina's, talked in the driveway a bit, and then Rich and I went back to my house. He crashed here instead of driving back to NP. We watched TV/hung out for a bit, and I finally went to bed at five AM.
Woke up, for some ungodly reason that I still cannot fathom, at noon. I didn't have to work until six, and wasn't planning to get up until three thirty. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I went downstairs. Rich and I had S'mores Poptarts for breakfast, and watched more TV. I finally kicked him out at three, took a shower, ate dinner, and went to work.
Work was a little crazy. We kept running out of silverware. I almost got in trouble for seating tables without it, but they realized it wasn't my fault, so it was all good. Rich and Andrew kept stopping by, and they kept me thoroughly entertained.
I got off a little after 11, and went to Fridays with the guys for a soda. Then we wandered around for a bit, and ended up playing shopping cart demolition derby in the parking lot. It was the most fun I've had in AGES! Got home around two, passed out, and didn't wake up till noon today. I don't have work till noon tomorrow, and it's all good.

And now, for my amusement of the day:
Isn't this GREAT?
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I ordered my very own sword today! Isn't it pretty? I can't wait until it gets here!

In other news, I read Terry Pratchett's new book the other week, The Wee Free Men. (Say it with a Scottish accent, it's better that way.) It was EXCELLENT. He keeps out doing himself. You! Go and read it! Now! You don't need to have read the other Discworld novels to know what's going on in this one. It's really quite amazing.

Work is going really well. Everyone's really nice, and I'm getting the hang of things quite well. There only seems to be one person who may cause trouble, but she's leaving in two months, so I think it'll be ok. I like all of my co-workers, and I get half off on food, and as much soda as I can drink for free. Life is goooood.

I haven't gotten paid yet, but that's ok. You want to know why? I'm signing up for direct deposit. I also switched banks. At my new bank, when your first direct deposit check clears, they GIVE you an extra HUNDRED bucks! How cool is that?! I am SO excited, I think I may burst! ::Wiggle::

More D&D tomorrow. :) I'll have to talk with Nick, but I think it'll all be fine. Woohoo!

Steven's leaving for Australia tomorrow. Currently, his "packing" is all over the living room. Yich. He'll have to clean it up, if he wants to get to Down Under alive.
This means I get to be only child for two whole weeks! Yay!


Jun. 5th, 2003 12:27 pm
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Steven got in a car accident yesterday. He's fine, but the car's not. At this point, it looks like they'll be able to fix it. He may lose his license, though, because he's still on that six month "new driver" probation.

That was Mom's car, the Saturn. We also have a Mercury, the "kids' car." Mom still owns it, but Steven and I drive it mostly. That's in the shop today as well, under investigation for strange noises. Since I refuse to drive Dad's 13 passenger van, it looks like I'm stuck here for the time being. Oh well, I've been looking for the impetus to continue unpacking...
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The song "Seven Nation Army" by The Whitestripes is following my brother and I. Every time we're in the same room and we turn on the radio or MTV or the like, that song is on. It's getting to the point where it's not just coincidence, it's scary.
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He bought a new CD player for "our" car. (It's actually Mom's car, but we're pretty much the only ones who use it.) The old one was really crappy, so yay! Except he payed THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS for it. And it's not even what I would consider that fancy. Dude's crazy. I get to use it without having to pay though, so it's ok.

Went to Hoyer's for my birthday last night. It was ever so yummy.

Mom took me clothes shopping yesterday. Got two cute little summer hippie-ish blouse things for $6.21. Yay clearance rack! Mom also bought me a new spring outfit. It's a lavender suit dress. It's very cute, and (we discovered) stain resistant!

I finish re-reading LOTR this week, including the appendices. There is some very interesting information there. For instance, Bilbo Baggins is older than Gilraen, King Aragorn's mother. Doesn't that sort of break your brain?

PS, if no one calls me on my birthday, I'm going to be upset, (hint hint).

Time for ice cream cake!


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