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The guy I work for is a fucking moron. (Small recap: I lost my job at the end of May. I was unemployed for three weeks. My new job, that I am now trying to leave, is at a very small company that consists of myself, the owner, and a part-time bookkeeper.) When I walked into this job, they were using Excel, a typewriter, and carbon paper for their order processing and bookkeeping. I am not even joking a little bit. The typewriter is probably old enough to drink.

Shortly after I started the company implemented a new computer system for handling basically everything from quoting orders to payroll. I, of course, picked up the software very quickly. My boss is still struggling with it, yet tries to micromanage MY use of it. He's constantly pointing out things he thinks I've done wrong in the system (which are, in fact, correct,) and I feel like I have to constantly be on the defensive because he just has no clue about how computer software works. I get the impression that he thought the new system would be exactly the same as the old one, only computerized. That is, of course, not even remotely the case.

The worst is when he asks me the same question five times, gets the same answer from me five times, and then proceeds to ask someone else the same question IN MY HEARING. He gets the same answer I gave him because I do not tend to make up answers to questions, and yet never acknowledges that I was right the first five times he asked.

I do not feel like my intelligence is respected here, mostly because the guy I work for is a fucking moron. He can't keep track of his own e-mail, he doesn't understand the basics of the computer software he invested (probably) a substantial sum of money in.

On top of all that, he's terribly unprofessional. He once called me "Jellybean." As he was berating me for an e-mail he found confusing. Jellybean! I reported that to the agency I'm employed here through, and he hasn't done anything like that again. However, last week he said "TOLD YOUUUUU!" to me like a fucking eight year old.

The worst part is that I'm not even being paid halfway decently. I took a fairly substantial pay cut with the understanding that I would see a pay increase in about a month, and that never happened. When I talked to my boss about it back in July, I told him I would have to start looking for job if he wasn't going to increase my pay soon. He told me to go ahead and do that, and was shocked, SHOCKED, when I finally contacted my employment agency to tell them I wanted out.

Now he wants up-to-the-minute updates on my job search. I am (fingers crossed!) expecting to hear about a fabulous job sometime next week, but I haven't told him that. I've completely avoided answering that question in any meaningful way, not only because you don't have a firm offer until you have a firm offer, but because motherfucker, you don't get to string me along for two months and then expect me to keep you informed of shit.

Ahhhhhh...I feel better for having let that negativity out. Now I can focus on being positive!


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