Jul. 24th, 2012

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I am still processing photos from our trip to Salem and Boston at the beginning of the month. While it's true that I took a lot of photos, I'm taking my time and doing a super-nice job with the processing because I want to have them done up into a nice little photo book.

Believe it or not, this was Rich and my first vacation alone together. It was splendid! We got to relax, and we also saw pretty much everything we wanted to see while we were there. It wasn't a terribly expensive trip, altough we *may* have done a bit too much shopping. Seeing as how it was also our first vacation in five years, I can't really blame us. We've decided that we're definitely going to make the effort to do this more often, even if it's just for a long weekend. We both came home positively rejuvenated. Totally worth it.

Oberon and Puck stayed with my parents while we were away. Puck got to play with my mother's iPad; Obi was more interested in watching/hissing at the birds and squirrels. My father, who has been a vocal cat-disliker since I can remember, encouraged Obi to snuggle with him on the bed while he was reading. Unfortunately, Obi's purr was too loud for Dad to handle at sleepytime, so Dad scooped him up and plopped him into his kitty bed in my old bedroom. (Dad said Obi purring sounding too much like Mom snoring.)

My brother, also a cat-disliker, came over for a family barbecue and spent TWO HOURS playing with Puck. I believe he is now considering getting a kitty of his own. ;)

Now that the boys have settled back in at home, they get along a little bit better every day. Puck is learning that if he asks Obi to play and is refused, the appropriate response is NOT to ask harder. He doesn't get it every time, but sometimes is ok for now.

Oberon is learning about bedtime cuddles. We think his last family never let him in the bed, so this is all very new to him. Recently he's been trying to kill the lumpy things under the sheets, i.e. me and Rich. I have a little tooth-shaped bruise on my thigh to show for it. Last night he seemed to get it, since there was much cuddling, no biting, and a minimal amount of pouncing.

Dinnertime in our house is always exciting now. Oberon sits quietly and patiently, while Puck FREAKS OUT. He cries like he hasn't eaten in DAYS, and recently has started attempting to jump to where the food is being prepared. I see this becoming a problem relatively soon, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I have video of the dinner-freak-out ritual, which I'll be posting on YouTube as soon as I get it edited. I also want to get video of Puck playing purrito with a large sheet of tissue paper. SO CUTE!

Anyway, aside from work stuff, that's what's going on in my world right now. How are you?


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