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This weekend was crazy fun. On Saturday I helped a friend try and find something to wear to the prom. She wanted to borrow something Renn-y, so I put her in my old Ophelia's bodice. I got her naked and tied her up, and Rich wasn't allowed to watch. :) She looked really cute, but she's taking some time to decide. I think she was expecting something a little more Hot Topic-y. Whatever.

Ye Olde Paddock Party was full of pouncity-ness! It was so great seeing everyone, and playing "Guess Who's Who Out of Garb." Now, for those of you not in attendance, I wore my black vinyl Hot Topic "bondage" pants, my extremely colorful and slightly sheer "acid trip" shirt, and my purple leather collar. Slightly different than what you'd expect from Bubbles. I got a lot of comments about my pants, and about the fact that I was speaking. "Shhh! I'm incognito!"

Little John (who's real name I've yet to learn) tried to kidnap me into fencing with...someone. At first I thought it was him, but then he said I should fence Rich, which would have been significantly easier, since Little John is, oh..., two and a half times my size. At least. Unfortunately, the rope around the fencing area was too low for him to fit under while carrying me. There went that plan...

I won one of the raffle items. :) I NEVER win raffles. It's a Lady Gaia [sp?] Puzzle Mug. It's blue with fishies on. So cute! (Question for those of you who own them: Is there some sort of recommended washing method, or just your standard soap and hot water? I'm assuming it's not dishwasher safe.)

Rich and I had to leave early due to having to work the next day and not wanting to get eaten alive by various flying people-eating insects. I'm sort of glad we did, since it started pouring shortly after eleven. (I wasn't home at the time, so Snowball went upstairs and whacked Mom with her paw until she got up and came downstairs to keep her company. Silly puppy.)

Work has been generally boring lately, except for the lady who tried to go off on me for my inablity to open the drawer and give her change for a twenty. I just walked away from her. Hey, them's the rules. I'm not going to go breaking them for a stranger, especially if that stranger isn't very nice to me to begin with.

As of Friday, I will officially be a college graduate! Woohoo! I only have a sort of vague clue as to what I'm doing after that, but I know the first couple of daysweeksmonths involve lots and LOTS of video and computer games. Yay for being able to bugger off for a bit!
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I have an assignment to use an HTML table to put a picture of a piece of art known as "The Tiger" back together. Why is the g'd damn front leg not where it's supposed to be?????
http://beard.dialnsa.edu/~lesliefay/tiger.html (helps if I put in the right address...)

Comment if you need more info.
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It has just occurred to me that I have not informed all of you lovely people of what the hell I'm doing with myself, in this, my final semester in college. (Holy CRAP I graduate in May!)

Monday 6-8.20PM-B&W Photography 1. (The studio is in Chinatown. Never get lost in Chinatown. My final project? "The Adventures of Pooky Bear.")
Thursday 6-7.50PM-American Sign Language II. (My entire class, including the instructor, has somehow come to the [extremely incorrect] conclusion that I am a dominatrix. It's highly entertaining. Oh, and I know lots of dirty signs now.)

Reading for Writing (Mildly interesting, and probably a very easy A.)
Web Page Design and Construction (Check out my rox0r HTML sk1llz! http://beard.dialnsa.edu/~lesliefay)
Intro. to Social Psych (Hasn't started yet.)

In other news, I took Rich [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop to see Spamalot on Broadway for Valentines day. For those of you who don't know, they've made Holy Grail a musical, starring Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, and Hank Azaria. Holy crap. It was A MAZ ING! Go see it. Now.

There's been lots of drama at work, but that shall have to wait for another time.

It's snowing, and my dog is crazy. What's for lunch?
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because he brings me roses at work. And yesterday, he gave me Paper Mario 2 as an early Chrishannayule present, AND he let me play it. Booyah! I win. :)

In unrelated news, I'm in the process of learning Voltaire's "Goodnight Demon Slayer" in American Sign Language. Not as easy as I'd thought it'd be, but fun! "Slayer" is a fun sign.

Off to bed with me, for I must away to the Hallmark of DOOM at an early hour.
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barely. In the past two months, we've had five people quit at my store. That means more hours and money for me, but less life. I'm hardly ever at my house, and when I am there, I'm glued to the computer doing schoolwork. Family? Who are they?

I'm actually taking a brief break from one of the stupidest writing assignments I've ever had to do. It's for a course called "Accidental Realities: Writing Experimental Fiction." Sounds cool, no? No! It is neither accidental, nor experimental. It's all very forced and contrived, and the teacher is a pain in my ass.

Our final assignment it to write a cut-up story. We are to do this by photocopying one page from three of our favorite books, cutting the lines apart and in half, and pulling them out of a hat (or in my case, a pot) at random, and writing a story around them. It's due by the end of the week.

You may say that this is both accidental and experimental, but it isn't. We have to end up with a story that makes sense, beginning, middle and end, the whole deal, in less than a week. For me, this sort of thing would take time. I could probably do it very well had I the appropriate amount of time, but I don't, so I'm going to half ass it.

So here I sit, with a pot full of bits of paper in front of me, expecting not to do wonderfully in this course, but not to fail.

My other courses are going quite well, so I'm not going to rant about them.

I miss TV, and I love my boyfriend.

That is all.

Possible Tales from the Hallmark to come at a later date. Boy, do I have some good ones!
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Fenix427: bibity bobbity boo
Spookie14: Since when are you my fairy godmother?
Fenix427: since ..... yesterday?
Spookie14: Really? Can you get me a pony??
Fenix427: umm...im not that type of fairy godmother
Spookie14: Awww...what type are you?
Fenix427: i dunno i dont think i got to that part of training yet
Spookie14: Well...what can you do?
Fenix427: i can make thinkgs sparkly
Spookie14: YAAAAY!
(later on...)
Spookie14: Yep. My classes start tonight, but I'm totally not ready.
Fenix427: for?
Spookie14: My classes to start.
Fenix427: yeah i figured that cus you said it... i mean for where?
Spookie14: New School.
Spookie14: Y'know, that whole edumacation thing.
Fenix427: whast the school
Spookie14: New School University.
Fenix427: no really
Fenix427: whats it called
Spookie14: No, I'm serious.
Spookie14: New School University.
Spookie14: http://www.newschool.edu
Fenix427: my arent we original
Fenix427: what happens when it get older
Spookie14: Yep. Funny thing is, it's been around since about the turn of the century.
Fenix427: does it change to middle age school U
Spookie14: LOL
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Yesterday I registered for classes, without ever leaving my house! Online registration is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Anyway, here's what I'm up to this semester:

Monday 6:00-7:50 American Sign Language Level 1 (Took the intro course last semester, and loved it. This ones taught by a deaf native signer.)

Tuesday 6:00-7:50 Alexander Technique (They kept mentioning this at AMDA, and saying how it was useful, but they never told us exactly what it was!)

Wednesday 6:00-7:50 Acting for Film and Television (Had half a semester of this at AMDA, and wanted more.)

Online: Tolkien’s Trilogy: The Lord of the Rings (::Drool.:: Can you say "Easy A"?)

Online: Accidental Realities: Writing Experimental Fiction (This one just sounded fun!)

The Alexander Technique and online courses all end halfway through the semester. So after week 9, I only have two classes to worry about! Woohoo!

My advisor wants me to take "more academically challenging" courses next semester. Way I figure, I'm doing this for me. I don't actually need this degree, but I have this thirst for knowledge thing going on, so I'm going to take courses that pique my interest, challenging or not. I'm not going to pay to study something that doesn't hold my attention. That would be a waste of my money. Especially when a psychology text book costs sixty bucks and you don't even study all of the material contained within it.

Provided I pass everything this semester, (like that'll be difficult...) I have only thirteen credits left until I receive my BFA in musical theater. Then I get to go into the "real world" and be a "grown up." Ha!
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Last Sunday, I changed the oil in my car, all by myself! Dad stood there and told me what to do, and I did it all perfectly!

This whole "diet" thing sucks like you wouldn't believe. I miss my chocolate, and my coffee, and Mommy's tomato sauce, and my CHOCOLATE! However, I have yet to *ahem* "cheat." Hard to believe, isn't it?

Let's see, what else? Ahh, yes. Obligatory grade report:
T'ai Chi: B- (considering I missed two classes, that's pretty damn good)
Writing therapy: B (also pretty damn good, considering my lack of any real effort)
Fantasy From the Hobbit to Holes: A (of course!)
Sign Language: A
Intro to Fiction: A

I think my overall GPA is somewhere near a 3.6, or something.

In other news, the squirrel in my front tree is trying to take over the world. I'm sure of it.
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My dog, Snowball, spent an hour sitting in the rain and lying in the mud this morning. She's out there again now, barking at who knows what. She's going to come in dripping wet again, and then try to play with the towel while I try to use it to dry her off.

Here's the thing: If I were to go out there and try to use the garden hose to bathe her, she would refuse to hold still. She loves getting wet in the rain, hates getting wet from the hose.

I just don't understand...

In other news, I have one week of classes left. After which, I am having my wisdom teeth surgically removed. Joyfun.

Also, I got an A on my final paper for my fantasy course. :) I got an A+ on the midterm, which consisted of roleplaying as characters from The Neverending Story. I was the Childlike Empress. :) So I figure I have a damn good chance of getting an A+ overall.

That reminds me:
Those of you who have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, did you realize that Ford Prefect was named after a car? Apparently I was the only one in my class who realized this. One girl even went on and on about how "Ford Perfect" was the perfect name for the character. I Googled the name, and found a picture of a car from the 1930's made entirely of wood. I posted it, and everyone was amazed.

Yeah. I figure I'm almost guaranteed an A+, just for that one.
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So I have to write a term paper for my stupid Writing Therapy course. The topic? "Writing is the best therapy." 2500-3000 words.
I thought this entire course was bullshit. I got absolutely nothing but frustration out of it. The teacher was an idiot. It seemed like the rest of the class actually needed therapy, and were using the course as such.

I don't need therapy. I need three credits. I don't think writing is the best therapy, especially not talking to an imaginary bird in your head for an hour.

How the hell am I supposed to write 2500 words about how writing therapy is wonderful when I hate it?
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Seeing as how I haven't really updated this thing in over a month, I figured I'd let y'all know I'm still breathing. School's been super nuts lately, but things have finally started to calm down. We had a deaf lady come into my sign language class last night, and she said I was very good. My online fantasy course is AWESOME. Our midterm was roleplaying as characters from The Neverending Story. I got to be the Childlike Empress. :) It was great! Behind the following cuts are the story I wrote for my Fiction class, which will be revised and made much better, and the crazy assignments I've been getting for my Writing Therapy course.

Choices By: Me )

Crazy Writing Therapy Assignment #1 )

The Tree )

Talking to imaginary birds? )

Does anyone else wonder how talking to birds in your head is supposed to help you be less crazy?
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Here are the courses I've decided to sign up for next semester:

Fantasy: From The Hobbit to Holes Online (3 credits)

Introduction to Sign Language Tues. 6:00-7:50 (3 credits)

Introduction to Fiction Thurs. 6:00-7:50 (3 credits)

Beginning Guitar Level 1 Wed. 8:40-9:40 (2 credits)


Piano Basics Level 1.2 Mon. 8:40-9:40 (2 credits) (If Santa doesn't bring me a guitar)

T’ai Chi Ch’aun: General Principles of Body Movement Wed. 6:00-7:50 (2 credits)

So that's 5 classes, 13 credits. The work load shouldn't be too terrible, and I'd only have to drive in three days a week. Now let's just hope that none of them get cancelled or anything...


Dec. 18th, 2003 04:27 pm
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Finished my final Shakespeare paper. I'll post it later. That's two down, one to go... At least I have almost a month until that one's due.

There's a really big box from Barnes & Noble sitting on the counter. Mommy won't tell me what's in it. That means it's presentses. I wish I had x-ray vision...

Oh well. Off to class!
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As you all know, RotK is coming out in theaters as of midnight tonight. As most of you know, I am the biggest LotR geek there is. I'm even making a scrapbook.
Anyway, I'm not going to see the movie until next week, as it is traditional for me to see it first with my mom. She introduced me to the cartoon of the Hobbit when I was quite young, then she gave me her boxed set of the books from like 1974 when I was in the third grade. I've seen both of the other movies first with her, so of course I have to wait for this one.

So please please please PLEASE, if you must rave about how wonderful and fantastic the movie was, could you put it behind LJ cut? For me? 'Cause I'll scratch your eyeballs out if you don't?

In other news, I have all of my Christmas presents wrapped and ready for the big day. Even Snowball's. She's getting a large jar of biscuits, a package of chew bones, a candy cane shaped rawhide, a box of Scooby snacks, and a new collar. It's purkle. :) It's so much fun to watch her open her presents. She's so cute. Mom wouldn't let me get her a pretty snowflake sweater though. I may just have to go back to Petsmart and get it myself.

Mom and Rich are getting...well, I'm not saying. They read this journal. :P You two will just have to wait.

This is my final week of classes, except for Freaks, because we missed a class in the middle of the semester, so I have one more after the break. Then...nothing!...until February 2. I've got the new course catalog in my posession, (they actually sent me one this semester!), and I've already picked out a few courses:
Sign Language (I was supposed to take it this semester, but it got cancelled.)
Tai Chi
Guitar (but only if Santa brings me a guitar. Otherwise, maybe Piano.)
And the following course, the description for which is taken directly from the catalog:

Fantasy: From The Hobbit to Holes
Albert Einstein said, "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowlegde," and Oscar Wilde stated, "One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead." Why does fantasy appeal to children and adults? What important messages might it contain? Is fantasy even more popular during troubled times of political instability, and if so, why? These and other questions are explored against the varying backdrop of the sociocultural conditions in which each story was written. We read The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Holes by Louis Sachar, The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and Sabriel by Garth Nix.

I've already read half of the books on that list. Not only that, but the course is online! I can go to class in my pajamas! How hot is that??

I'm not exactly sure what else I'm going to take, but we'll see. I'm going to make an appointment with my advisor ASAP so I can get into that course.

Work is going well. Everyone there is nice, and I'm making money. So woohoo!

I'm off to write my final psychology paper. Wish me luck!
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Thanksgiving at my house was very good. The whole family was here: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Patti, Uncle Harold, Dereck, Heather, and Dereck's new girlfriend, Jill. Since there was an extra person, and I'm the smallest kid in the family, I got upgraded to the grownups table. :) I also got to hear the story of how, years ago, my grandmother tried to commit couchicide with a pen.

When my aunt and uncle were first married, they went couch shopping with Grandma. The salesman was talking up this one couch, saying how it was stain resistant and whatnot. It was even puncture proof; you could jab a pen into it, and it wouldn't leave a hole! The salesman started to walk towards the next piece of furniture, and as soon as he turned his back, Grandma produced a pen and brutally stabbed the couch with it! Of course, it didn't even leave a mark. Needless to say, they bought the couch.

I think my family managed to thoroughly terrify Jill, because we're all nuts. Heh.

I had to work all day Friday, which kind of sucked. As long as I remember that I'm getting paid to do almost nothing, I'm fine, though.

Saturday Rich [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and I went to see A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden with my parental units. The show was very good, and Rich even bought me a Scroogie bear. :) Went to Olive Garden after, it was all yummy.

That's all for now. I have a couple of essays I really don't want to write tomorrow. I also have a seven page paper on Hamlet or Othello or The Tempest due in two weeks, but I have no idea what I'm going to write about. Any ideas?
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In approximately 19 hours (if my calculations are correct) I will be the proud owner of a brand spankin' new copy of "The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers" Extended edition DVD! That's right folks, it comes out tomorrow, and I'm going straight from my physical therapy appointment to the mall to purchase my copy. Don't expect to hear from me for a couple of days, as I will be holed up in my room thouroughly examining every piece of information on all of the disks. Oh joy! Oh rapture! Numerous hours of LotR viewing pleasure! Weeeeee!

In other news, hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] gothic_cowboy and [livejournal.com profile] melancholia33 this weekend was super fun, and we have to do it more often.

I learned how to roll sushi watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy yesterday. I love that show. I want the Fab 5 to come to my house. They're so absolutely adorable, I want to keep them as pets. :)

My Freaks teacher hasn't e-mailed me back about the project I'm supposed to be working on yet. I'm supposed to be writing a 2-3 page abstract of the final paper, but I have no idea what this entales. So I e-mailed her to ask for some suggestions, and she hasn't written me back. The paper's due Thursday. I'm e-mailing it in to her because I'm going to see Henry IV with Rich [livejournal.com profile] aziraphalesshop and his mom that night, but I'd like to get it out of the way in order to make time for the above mentioned DVD.

Bleh. My eyes are itchy. I think I'm going to go take out my contacts.


Nov. 11th, 2003 12:35 am
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Just finished a paper for my Shakespeare course that was due last week. I kept putting it off because I had no idea what I was supposed to be writing. I finally came up with something, most of it is BS, but it's not a terrible paper. At least I don't think so.

And so, I present (for those of you who are interested), My Paper on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream )

An update on this weekend to come when the Ny-Quil I took last night decides to finally completely exit my brain.
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I have finally gotten an appointment with the good physical therapist, Jeff! Woot! I've got a referral and everything. Hopefully this time everything will go well, and my shoulder/neck will be all fixed. Now I just need a job....

In other news, I'm already intensely bored with school. It seems to be a very large waste of my time. I was sitting in Shakespeare last night, thinking to myself, "I could be doing this at home, in bed, in my pajamas, with a nice big bowl of ice cream." Instead, I was in a room with soul-sucking flourescent lights listening to a continual re-statement of the obvious. I really don't think the teacher knows how to teach Shakespeare. She's quite knowledgeable about it, or at least she seems to be, but I'm not learning anything. Not a thing. I'm thinking of being lazy and just doing the bare minimum to pass, because I really don't care any more. Psych is also boring as hell, which is why I'm doing this instead of studying for the exam tonight. Because I really don't need to. The teacher basically just reviews the chapter in class. The book goes into more detail than she does. I don't understand this. I could've saved quite a bit of money by just buying the book and reading that.

The only two courses that are still holding my interest are Fiction and Freaks. Freaks looks like it may not succeed in that much longer, and I wish I could have more workshop days in Fiction.

I think I'm going to take mostly writing courses next semester, since that seems to be what I'm getting the most out of.
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I have been way to busy the past couple of weeks, hence the not updating. Classes started this week, and I was totally unprepared for that event. I'm taking Shakespeare's Living Line, Fundamentals of Psychology, Freaks: The Culture of the Grotesque, (which was supposed to be Intro to Sign Language, but that got cancelled), and Getting Started in Fiction. I'm also supposed to be taking a yoga course, but I have apparently messed up my shoulder/neck pretty badly, and I have to go to an orthopedic surgeon to have that checked out. Depending on what he says, I may have to drop the course. It's not a big deal, it was only a one credit course, but I was kind of looking forward to it. Oh well.

I'm off to read Titus Andronicus. Have a great day!


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