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The kitties got along marginally better yesterday. There was some hissing on Oberon's part, and he did need to be given two time-outs in the bathroom for swatting, but they had dinner together in the kitchen, and things seemed to be getting a little better.

Puck peed on Rich's foot yesterday morning. I'm not sure what kind of litter they had in their foster home, but I think it was different enough from the Feline Pine we use that there's some confusion regarding the litterboxes. Oberon also had a couple of accidents when he first came home, so I wasn't terribly concerned.

This morning I gave both kitties their breakfast kibble in the kitchen. Everything seemed to be going fine. Oberon hissed and swatted at Puck when Puck tried to eat from Obi's food bowl while Obi was eating from it, but I let that go because he was just protecting his food. Puck has his own bowl, after all.

I sat on the couch to eat my bowl of cereal, and Obi came in to keep me company as he usually does. Puck was walking around crying his little heart out and sniffing the ground. I put my bowl of cereal on the arm of the couch, scooped up the kitten, and took him to the litterbox in the library. It took a few minutes of sniffing and pawing the litter, but he did his business. As I was heaping praise upon him, I heard the sound of a spoon clinking against a cereal bowl.

Upon my return to the living room I discovered Oberon standing on the couch next to my cereal bowl, which was completely devoid of milk! The cereal itself hadn't been touched, but the milk was gone, and someone was licking his chops.

I scolded the kitty, and went to the kitchen to get a fresh bowl of cereal. As I returned to the living room, Oberon puked. Twice.

Since I still had to finish my breakfast and get to work, I woke Rich up. We came downstairs to find Puck trying to decide if Obi-puke is tasty.

Rich cleaned, I scarfed my cereal, and made it to work (mostly) on time.

Now we know not to leave bowls of cereal unattended around Oberon.
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